IOTA (MIOTA) slowly winning the race against blockchain technology

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IOTA (MIOTA) – Many people think blockchain is some new tech, mainly because they got to know about it in 2017. The truth is that this technology has been around for close to 10 years now. Unfortunately, in that period, blockchain has not gained any substantive mass adoption, as everyone invested in it would wish. The reason is that blockchain technology has some fundamental bottlenecks that seem to curtail its growth, no matter what advances it makes. The key challenge it faces is that of scaling, while keeping costs low and maintaining decentralization.

This explains why investors and corporations are beginning to take a serious interest in IOTA, a crypto that runs on tangle technology. The thing that really sets tangle apart from blockchain is that as the transaction volumes increase, the more efficient it becomes.  It also doesn’t make use of miners, which makes it free to use. This means that IOTA can be adopted in any environment and work well. Signs are already there that IOTA is getting adopted, at an accelerated rate.

A few days ago, IOTA (MIOTA) made headlines when it was announced that a Dutch electric charging station would be incorporating IOTA technology.   Given that electric cars are the future of transportation, there is a good chance that IOTA will be the standard of payment in this new emerging industry. Blockchain technology just can’t work in such a setup because of costs and scalability issues.

The adoption of IOTA is also visible in the latest announcement by Fujitsu. It has emerged that Fujitsu would be incorporating IOTA into its systems. The company will use IOTA to ensure seamless communication between its robots, and other aspects of its production. The reason why they are integrating IOTA is because it is feeless and fast, two critical elements for successful machine-to-machine communication. That’s not something that can be done by blockchain technology, because of costs and speeds. It’s just not efficient.

There are also signs that Huawei, another global corporation, sis on the verge of integrating IOTA into its systems.  This is validated by the following tweet on the Huawei German tweeter page,

“@DomSchiener thrilled the audience live at the #Huawei Channel Partner Conference 2018 in Frankfurt with “Beyond the Blockchain, into the Machine Economy with #IOTA @ iotatoken”. # HWpartner2018.”

The fact that the title of the talk is “beyond the blockchain” is an indicator that Huawei is warming up to IOTA for its features.

With all these adoptions going on in key global industries, it is not hard to see why IOTA is the future. We are entering the age of smart machines, AI, and robotics, and IOTA is at the center of it all.  Clearly, blockchain is popular thanks to the rise of bitcoin, but IOTA and tangle technology are the future.

This is the time to accumulate on IOTA (MIOTA) and hold for the long haul. It’s the kind of crypto that you buy with the next 20 years or more in mind!


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