Three Partnerships Thrusting Ripple (XRP)

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Ripple (XRP) – Cryptocurrency world, after been called alien, is becoming a global miracle, serving universe in diverse ways. The space is filled with coins, with nothing less than 1400 cryptocurrencies, however, not all of them can serve the purpose the world requires cryptocurrency for. Well, like Google, Microsoft, and Apple, some cryptocoins will stay atop in the market no matter what.

While it can be said generally that the crypto world is booming, some coins are fantastically doing good in this realm and proffering the backups the crypto space urgently requires. One of them, is Ripple. The cryptocurrency is advancing in every point of view. In recent time, XRP has gained more than massive supports from community and partners. Different companies are rising up to support Ripple in one way or the other.

Ripple (XRP), flaunted as “the world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments”, has grown to a celebrated standard.  It is worth saying that Bitcoin have a very high value, it is not appropriate as well to say that Ripple has no stake in the future of cryptocurrency. The price of Ripple today is flourishing. Don’t be surprised if Ripple takes the world by storm, it is because they are actually preparing ahead. You ask me what preparation?

Cross Border Remittance Partnerships.

When the news that Ripple partnered with so many banks surfaced, the world was in euphoria for the fact that there will definitely be reduced cost of transaction for users of those banks as time goes on. Woori Bank of Seoul was among the first to confirm it had tested foreign remittance using Ripple, close to 37 Japanese banks also tested and confirmed the service worthwhile afterward.

In the same line, Shinhan Bank of South Korea and Siam Commercial Bank of Thailand also tested the service. If Ripple is able to manage all these collaborations very well, there is potential in them. They can increase the value of Ripple in a short time.

5 Fintechs Ready To Use xVia

Ripple has different tools that can be viewed as world’s best in the realm of remittance. One of these tools is xVia. Five new companies, FairFX, Exchange4Free, RationalFX, UniPAY and MoneyMatch are pledging to use xVia’s standard API solution to power payments through RippleNet, which will make remittance easy for their customers. This is a win-win victory for the cryptocurrency if the partnership is managed and followed. There is high possibility Ripple receives the most promising development via these fintechs since they are very close to the grassroot –have customers who perform nearly every day transaction.

Ripple-Santander Partnership.

The Ripple powered Santander app is now the talk of the town. Many a large number of crypto enthusiasts are of the opinion that the partnership will thrust Ripple beyond expectations. While the news is in the air before this time, people were fascinated when the app was unveiled. Branded as One Pay FX, the app is going to be used in so many countries, but it is especially unveiled in UK and will immediately serve Europe. Later, the app would be used in America among other countries where its service is urgently required. On very important aspect of the app is that international payment made via it arrives within a day if within Europe and it is of low charges.

This is going to be a major boost for Ripple. It is a fact that many banks are testing RippleNet. Among them, Banco Santander is the first to unveil it has packaged a standard app for remittance with Ripple as the principal tool behind the success.

Conclusion: If Ripple (XRP) is not ready for bull run, there is no point partnering with big firms nearly every day.


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