Hshare (HSR) headed for a bullish breakout

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Hshare (HSR) is one of the most recent cryptocurrencies to be developed. As a result the digital asset has not been in the market for long. It started being listed as from September last year.

However, even with such a short life to date, the cryptocurrency has experienced very major developments especially in its market prices. Looking at the history of its market prices, you will realize that the market prices have created a sort of resistance level at $40 and a support at $5. The price of HSR has basically been oscillating between the two levels.

During the first quarter, Q1, of 2018, Hshare (HSR) has been on the decline. It is actually at the beginning of the second quarter, Q2, that the value of HSR started showing some signs of getting bullish.

At the beginning of April, the price of Hshare assumed a bullish trend which has been going on for the past one month. The value of a single HSR token is now at $13.37 USD up from $4.78, which was the lowest level that was hit.

The crypto coin has registered a 153% appreciation over a period of less than a month. With the current momentum the crypto coin is expected to get back to above $35 by the end of the second quarter of 2018. We could actually be talking of mid next month if everything remains as it is.

Hshare is one of the crypto coins that have managed to sail through the turbulent time that the crypto markets have been going through. Across the markets, most crypto coins have registered major drops with some even tending to become valueless.

All indicators indicate that the digital coin is headed for its resistance level at $40. This time round it may end up breaking through.

The market cap of Hshare is at $573,757,900 USD with a daily volume of $115,079,000 USD.

New Hshare (HSR) developments

Among the main agendas that the Hshare development team has is to have HSR listed in all major crypto exchange platforms. This is coming to life slowly as the crypto coin continues gaining access into the crypto exchanges.

The most recent listing was on cryptopia.co.NZ Exchange. This was a major achievement. It means that if you want to trade Hshare (HSR), you just have to create an account with cryptopia.co.NZ.

Investors should also keep in mind that ther is the much anticipated Mainnet launch which was scheduled to take place in February this year but was postponed with the release date still non announced.


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