Aelf (ELF) and the Road Towards and Beyond the $1 Value

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Aelf (ELF) has managed to go up and beyond the price of 1$ more than weeks ago when this currency had a pretty flattering bounce off, that way breaking the 1$ value. The currency has recorded a pretty remarkable pace of growth during the period of recovery once the market crash was over and the majority of currencies started with the recovery process, so it is no wonder that it had made it with maintaining more or less a stable pace of growth. This case might be due to the candy campaign that the Aelf team launched a while ago, as the candy reward system still continues. Let’s see how ELF has been doing these days and whether the candy system is affecting its value in any way.

Aelf and the Candy System

Aelf (ELF) has launched an interesting campaign several weeks ago when the team behind this digital asset decided to expand their influence by starting with a simple but effective candy system campaign. The campaign is said to have several different rounds where Aelf holders can compete against each other with having the announced winners winning rewards in form of ELF units.

Besides from making up for a great way of earning some profit with your favorite currency, this candy system is doing an amazing job with promoting Aelf as a valuable investment that is set to pay off.

That means that the changed strategy mirrored in this candy system campaign is pushing Aelf up against the market, making it more possible for this currency to bounce off even when the time on the market was rough.

As the candy system continues, ELF team is updating their followers on Twitter on daily basis with all news related to the competitions where you can earn ELF units as a reward. All winners that are rewarded with ELF are entitled to holding and owning the won ELF units with the freedom to exchange it save it or use it for trading where possible.

Aelf and Candy Events

One of the latest events hosted by ELF holders and followers as a part of the reward program is the most recent Aelf quiz held on Telegram for all Aelf Chinese and English Telegram users.

The event was announced a week ago and was set for today, on April 28th. By hosting a quiz on Telegram for all their followers, the team behind Aelf is making a pretty solid marketing move by engaging their followers and rewarding them for their trust.

Anyone who is an Aelf (ELF) holder with the condition of following Aelf on official Telegram channel in Chinese and English has had a chance tonight to win ELF as a reward for winning the quiz about Aelf.

At the same time, while competing, all contestants could remind themselves of everything ELF is about given the fact that all the questions were focused on how well you know Aelf.

On top of having an active candy campaign, the ELF team has noted all their Twitter followers about the most recent updates on their candy system, stating that the system is still alive and running and that the initial system was only transferred to a different web address.

Aelf Goes Beyond the 1$ Value

After starting with the candy reward system and having been listed on Bithumb, which makes up for one of Korea’s largest exchange markets, Aelf has been doing an amazing job while recovering from the market dip.

That is how Aelf has easily managed to go from trading for approximately 0.00011$ per one unit for more than three weeks to trading in the green for a prolonged time while going beyond the value of 1 dollar per one unit in a matter of a week.

Aelf (ELF) showed that way that this currency holds a certain potential in the market when it comes to gradually acquiring a stable pace of growth.

Even though the market still feels a bit vulnerable after the most recent selloff that occurred after the recovering phase was coming to an end, the majority of currencies started to trade in the green today after having a rough time only a day before.

Aelf has managed to stay in the green as well while trading up against the dollar. Following the latest market trend, ELF went up to 19.03% against the dollar with also trading up against BTC and ETH for 14% and up.

That being said, one ELF unit can be purchased at the price of 1.38$, which means that Aelf (ELF) is getting closer to its all-time high which hovered around 2$ and up back in January.


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