Revoult Adds Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ripple (XRP) While Collecting 250$ Million

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With having the market recovering from the latest selloff, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) an Ripple (XRP) are entering one of the most appreciated European startup companies, Revoult. Revoult has decided to broaden its horizons, as well as market capitalization, by adding BCH and XRP to its banking service as a part of a meaningful collaboration between a banking service and digital assets. Ripple as the third-best currency in the global coin ranking list is already famous for being successfully tested at many banking services and financial institutions, so XRP is already pretty familiar with these waters. Let’s see how meaningful this collaboration is for Bitcoin Cash and Ripple, as well as what Revoult gets out of adding BCH and XRP to its service.

Revoult Announces Adding Bitcoin Cash and Ripple

To understand the significance of having Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ripple (XRP) added to the service system of Revoult, we first need to know what Revoult is all about.

Revoult started off as a startup company back in 2015, which means that this company is still pretty young. However, that didn’t stop Revoult from becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the entire Europe.

Revoult actually started off with the idea of representing an independent banking service with base in London, England. Their services are being offered on a global level, so Revoult is offering travel insurance, personal loans, global transfers, peer-to-peer payments, pre-paid debit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. Among these services, Revoult also offers remittances, fiat currency exchange, as well as cryptocurrency trading and exchange.

Revoult entered another level of business as they have announced having a new round of funding, which easily paid off by having this company already collecting 250 million dollars due to this occasion.

In addition to these 250 million, this company is now worth the amazing 1.7 billion dollars, which easily shows that Revoult is indeed the fastest growing company in Europe, especially given the fact that they only started off as a startup business almost 3 years ago.

In order to show appreciation for their customers and the world of cryptocurrencies due to the successful round of funding, which was powered by Ribbit Capital, DST Global and Index Ventures, Revoult decided to add new digital assets to their service called Revoult Crypto.

Revoult Crypto is already collaborating with Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin, so as of yesterday all users will also be able to take advantage of new services including Bitcoin Cash and Ripple.

Revoult, as an amazingly progressive company has already started its expansion. The company announced that they are planning on offering jobs to many employees out there who would like to become a part of the future of their growing companies, which means that many job positions will be open in the near future.

New employees became truly a necessity for Revoult as they are a growing company with 1.7 billion dollars in market cap, but, Revoult’s expansion will also affect the expansion of cryptocurrencies – positively, of course.

Since Revoult offers Revoult Crypto as a service for trading and exchanging chosen digital assets, all added assets will also get a massive exposure which should consequently lead to massive expansion, for the listed digital assets as well as for Revoult.

While Revoult is planning on new funding rounds in Asia and North America, the services they are offering will be launched in Singapore, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Australia, which should contribute to the further expansion and acceptance of cryptos along the way.

Bitcoin Cash and the Market

As the market is slowly recovering from the latest selloff that came immediately after the massive bounce off that the majority of cryptos went through, Bitcoin Cash is being recovered, too.

After the latest change in the market, BCH went up against the dollar for 3.78%, which means that BCH is currently going up against this fiat currency. However, we can see Bitcoin Cash (BCH) trading down against BTC with a minor drop of -0.68%, which means that Bitcoin is doing a bit better than BCH in the market at the current moment.

After the today’s change, BCH can be bought at the price of 1385.65$ per one unit.

Ripple and the Market

Ranked one spot above Bitcoin Cash, as the third-best currency in accordance with its market cap, Ripple is going ahead for reaching a 1$ value.

After the latest change in the market Ripple is going up for 4.91% against the dollar, while this digital asset is also trading up against BTC.

Since Ripple has gone up for 0.68% against Bitcoin, we can easily conclude that Ripple (XRP) is currently holding a better position in the market when it comes to the increased trading volume.


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