How to buy TokenPay (TPAY): The Coin of Future

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The world of online money transaction is evolving day in day out. We are seeing new inventions every day. TokenPay (TPAY) is the most recent invention.

TokenPay is basically a decentralized blockchain payment platform where transactions are done using a digital token known as TPAY.

TokenPay (TPAY) network features

  • The transactions are untraceable thus making it hard for hackers to follow your traces. This is enabled by TPAY token incorporating a secretive addressing system and an encrypted messaging.
  • It uses a hashing algorithm.
  • The transactions are fast.
  • The network has a built-in 2-of-3 Multisignature Transaction Engine (MTE). This is a protocol that is put in place to secure TPAY users. Before a transaction goes through, each party must first approve the transaction on either side.
  • The network also allows peer to peer encrypted instant messaging.

Security and privacy

When using any payment platform, security is of much essence. You have to make sure that your funds are secure.

For security purposes, TokenPay (TPAY) has incorporated the MTE protocol.

Since it is a decentralized blockchain network, users have to generate both private and public keys. With TokenPay, both parties generate their own private and public keys. Then each user should keep his/her private key in a safe place.

The public keys are freely shared among users for transaction purposes just as in most blockchain networks.

For the peer to peer encrypted instant messaging, every message is encrypted using AES-256-CBC algorithm and also circulated through the designate nodes to avoid the information from falling into the wrong hands.

TokenPay (TPAY) market prices

In addition to being a payment platform, TokenPay’s token, TPAY, has been listed in a number of crypto exchanges and crypto traders can invest in it.

For the few months that the crypto coin has been in the market, its market price has significantly risen and there are higher anticipations that the digital coin is headed for the moon.

ToeknPay (TRAY) chart


A single TPAY token is currently going for $8.32 USD with a market Cap of $127,571,379 USD  and a daily trading volume of $2,102,210 USD.

While majority of the crypto coins has been experiencing a drop in their value across the markets, TokenPay (TPAY) is headed to the moon.

Investors are banking on its anonymity and security, which is unmatchable to any other crypto asset to date.

On 26th April, the TokenPay marked a major milestone in its development by acquiring a 9.9% of a certain bank in Munich, Germany. They are yet to release the name, which they have promised to do next week.  This was a major boost since the deal became ripe several weeks ahead of the stipulated time.

With the bank deal going through, investors should expect the cryptocurrency to roll out $XVG and $TPAY debit cards any time from now. This will take TokenPay a step higher than the rest blockchian payment systems since it has offered a solution close to the normal fiat banks. According to TokenPay Roadmap, the BlueDiamond debit cards were to be ready at the beginning of Q3 of 2018 and distribution and shipment to holders to go on till the Q4 of 2018.

Crypto Exchanges listing TokenPay (TPAY)

TokenPay is quite new in the market and it hasn’t gained a lot of popularity although it is rapidly winning the hearts of crypto investors. If you want to trade TokenPay (TPAY), you can create an account in either of the following crypto exchanges:

  • Qryptos
  • Trade Satoshi

TokenPay (TPAY) wallet

There is a multi-screen wallet that is custom made for TokenPay (TPAY). With tne wallet, holders can store and carry out transaction. The only thing that will be required for the wallet is the public key; with the public key, holders can easily send and receive tokens from and into the wallet.

There is a windows as well as an android version of the wallet.


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