EOS (EOS) is Trading Closer to Its Record Price

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EOS is one of the majority of cryptocurrencies that are respectfully trying to bounce off from the latest selloff that took place in the crypto market a couple of days ago, as it is supposed that many holders wanted to make some profit out of the most recent rebound that almost all coins and tokens went through after the last market dip. However, while other currencies are struggling, EOS is going over 60% in weekly gains, while stubbornly trading in the green for a prolonged time. That is how EOS is now getting closer to acquiring its all-time high of 18.16$ as recorded back in mid-January at the beginning of 2018. Let’s see how EOS is doing as well as analyzing the chances of having this currency hitting its all-time high once again.

EOS is Trading Up Towards Its All-time High

EOS has shown some astonishing moves as it managed to take over the spot that previously belonged to Litecoin, being crowned as the fifth-best currency according to the global coin ranking list. Litecoin, in addition to this change, dropped one place lower, which means that Litecoin took over the 6th spot on the global coin ranking list, unwillingly of course.

EOS has managed to take the place of the fifth-best crypto in the market, due to the increased trading volume and the raised market capitalization, which happened during the rebound the majority of currencies were going through after the market crash that lasted for more than 8 weeks.

Now that the majority of currencies are trading up in the effort of rebounding from the selloff that took place several days ago, EOS seems to be performing more than better than the rest of the digital assets.

This is the case because EOS managed to collect some massive gains over the last week, while it is still going up with over 20% of gains marked today on April 27th, which means that this currency is getting closer to its all-time high with each day passing by.

When summing up the weekly gains of all cryptos, EOS has managed to collect 62.14% of increases against the dollar, according to the CoinMarketCap, while the second crypto following EOS is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with a bit over 55% of rises against the dollar in accordance with the weekly report.

That being said, EOS is this week’s first coin of top 10 cryptos thanks to the benevolent current of raises in the market that stroke this currency.

That being said, it is more than obvious that EOS will manage to get back to its all-time high in no time with the potential of going even beyond its record price in case EOS continues to grow at the current pace of growth.

This stubborn pace of growth could be explained with the fact that a lot of holders and investors are anticipating the launching of EOS main net, which is scheduled for exactly 36 days from now, as you can follow up with the live countdown on EOS official Main Net launch page.

EOS and the Market

EOS is rapidly progressing towards acquiring its all-time high as recorded back in kid-January. Back in January, which was THE month for the crypto community as the majority of currencies managed to set new record prices, EOS was trading at the price of 18.16$ per one unit.

At the beginning of the current week, EOS was trading at 14$ followed by a set of gains, however, it seems that this currency is getting closer to its all-time high by each day as it had another benevolent change in the price today, on April 27th.

Following the latest change in the market, the majority of currencies that were trading down in the red yesterday are now trading in the green with EOS on the head with over 60% of rises collected during a single week.

At the same time, this result makes EOS the fastest growing coin of the week with great odds of reaching the price of 18$ and going up and beyond the initial record price.

After the latest change in the market, EOS has gone up to 20.63% against the dollar while trading in the green.

In addition to this, EOS is also trading up against BTC and ETH, going up for 14.72% against Bitcoin and 12.04% against Ethereum, which means that EOS is still doing better than BTC and ETH in the market.

EOS can now be purchased at the price of 17.82$, which is more than close to its all-time high of 18.16$.

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