Behind Successful TRON (TRX) is Justin Sun

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Of a truth, TRON (TRX) is increasing in value owing to different development coming from the team behind the altcoin. If one is to mention, the founder of TRON, is no doubt the brain behind the classical Ideas. The entrepreneur is growing to be the next world’s Bill Gate or Jack Ma.

At the tender age 26, successful billionaire founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, was chosen by the founder himself to study at the Jack Ma Hupan University on entrepreneurship.

In China, Sun is celebrated as the founder of the Chinese largest live streaming app, PEIWO. The app has over 10 million users, with the number increasing day by day. Sun was mentioned in the Forbes Asia 30 Under 30.

Creation Of TRON

TRON (TRX) was created by Sun. The successful entrepreneur is managing the firm with great team which comprises brilliant individuals from topnotch firms. In just Six month, Sun built the firm to be valued at $3.5 billion within just 6 months.

People regard Sun as a young talented individual whose charisma could take a company from nothing to something. One of those who hold to this fact is Xu Le, CEO of To him, Sun is the most talented leaders who manages to position and promote his business in the best way and has great opportunities to keep being successful in the future as well.

While cryptocurrencies are disappearing from public glair, TRON is becoming more relevant and an unavoidable phenomenon.

Sun’s Moves To Take TRON Top 10

Until yesterday when some upheavals were noticed, for a week now, the cryptocurrency community was going through increasing value. The likes of TRON were winning and having the glories that are supposed to be shared among altcoins. The coin has just been listed on Coinbene, a Malaysian exchange. The listing is definitely going to help skyrocket the demand for TRON (TRX) in that country. Although TRON has been listed on exchange like Upbit, Bittrex, and Huobi, the cryptocoin is still eyeing more listing to enhance its potential.

Sun, the brain behind TRON’s progress, who is now aiming that TRON be listed on Coinbase said:

“The community may have the same sentiment too. Only that it does feel TRX needs one more listing to truly begin to conquer crypto sphere. The missing piece of the puzzle to many is Coinbase, seemingly a “holy grail” in crypto trading sites.”

Aside this, the launch of mainnet is coming in the next few weeks. Mainnet is the platform developed by TRON for DApps. It will make TRON leave ERC20 platform completely. The testnet which is to make TRON users familiar with the new platform displays the potentials of the mainnet.

Much could be levied on Sun, who keeps on bringing development into the platform.

When TRON leaves Ethereum platform completely, it is possible through Sun’s idea, that it takes the platform’s glory along. With over 100 million users on its DApps, TRON will depart Ethereum platform for good.

Conclusion: The good name of TRON (TRX), no doubts belongs to Justin Sun. The entrepreneur is an awesome thinker, a model for the crypto community.


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