Aion Coin Network Launch: Set to Create the First Global Public Blockchain Network

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Taking care of data and information dissemination in the blockchain technology era has always been problematic but this could become a thing of the past. The launch of the Aion Coin Network based on the blockchain technology will make it easy for different entities based systems to share information securely.

Released a day ago, Aion Network is a system acting as the bridge between the various blockchain platforms.  This could become the long awaited catalyst in blockchain interoperability.  Independent systems can now connect on a single platform. Aion is set to disrupt virtually every industry if adopted by other platforms.

Interconnecting blockchain ecosystems has always been a big problem. This has slowed down the technology acceptance to solve real life problems. The entry of Aion Coin Network in the market is set to unlock the potential of blockchain interoperability.

Why Aion Network?

Simply put, the protocol will help blockchains connect for faster data transfer in a seamless environment. This will bring to live orphaned blockchain ecosystems thus adding value to their users. This will come in handy supply chain management, healthcare patient data sharing and organizational and governance data exchange.

According to the Aion CEO and founder, Mathew Spoke this is the future of blockchain technology;

“We envision a future where any blockchain can connect and share data, creating a powerful network to revolutionize how industries share information. We are proud to be the first interoperability platform in the blockchain industry, and look forward to witnessing use cases across the public and private sector.”

The beauty of Aion is that it comes with feature that will help users customize it to suit their system needs. It does not limit the enterprise size. It allows multiple blockchains with each having its unique governance attributes and semantics. Aion will ensure communication is secure and private.

Will Aion Network Address User Security Concerns?

Moving data and sensitive information across system in public network can pose some security risks. Aion Network will minimize security lapses by ensuring only proof of work is transmitted between affiliate entities. For health insurance to settle claims, proof of the patient operation will be presented and verified against the insurance cover rules.

The platform will enable scalability in blockchain usage. The end result will be to provide a fool-proof system that meets enterprise specifications. In addition, the Aion founder and CEO added that;

“When we were doing enterprise a project, our biggest realization was that the plumbing wasn’t sophisticated enough. The scaling wasn’t meeting specs that enterprise companies would need long-term. Because of that, we were not seeing anyone moving beyond proof of concept projects. What we are doing is trying to mature the possible use cases”.

Aion Network Adoption and Route to Market

The Aion system is set to become self-sustaining through introduction of a native token or cryptocurrency. This will coin will work in two ways; driving mass adoption and a tool to enable data and information movement across the platform freely. These will instill trust in the network through creating a unique user base.

As a user, you are not being charged for the systems’ infrastructure but you are paying to be a member of the entire ecosystem according the CEO and founder. The end game is to give users incentives in form of the native token just to participate thus giving the platform the level of utility it deserves.

Aion Network Future

Aion Coin infrastructure building will be at the center of focus to ensure data and information movement is flawless across other networks. Getting all the specs right will mean user confidence and increased adoption.

With the initial funding from the Ontario government, Aion Coin is set to transform the digital identity verification as the first user case and more large-scale adoption is expected. With its first developer conferenced expects in early May, more announcements are expected.


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