STORM Token – The crypto that could change the lives of 2.5 billion people

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A quick look at what STORM Token is all about, doesn’t bring out much excitement in someone experienced in crypto space.  Some of the solutions it offers, such as lowering fees for freelancers, and getting paid for trying out stuff while shopping is nothing really revolutionary. However, there is one aspect to this crypto that actually has the capacity to uplift a good chunk of the world population. And that’s the aspect of getting paid for completing micro-tasks through the phone. To the average person living a normal life with an average job, this doesn’t look like much. It just isn’t worth most people’s time to spend the day on the phone working, only to be paid in a token that might not be worth much tomorrow.

But look at it this way, across the world more than one third of the population lives below $1 a day. Ironically, most people in this bracket also happen to have mobile phones. To this population, the ability to complete micro-transactions and get paid, even a few pennies makes all the difference in their daily lives. It makes all the difference between having a meal for the family, or going to bed hungry.  All such people have to do is complete micro-tasks on their phones, get paid in STROM tokens then convert them into other higher value cryptos that they can then sell for some money.

On top of that, a good chunk of this extremely poor population is unbanked.  Without access to the financial system, it means they can never save and get themselves out of poverty.  Again Storm offers them a chance to improve their lives. As they complete their micro tasks and earn a few Storm Tokens, they can save these coins to purchase other stuff that they need, and gradually get themselves off the pangs of extreme poverty.

With such potential to improve the livelihoods of over $2 billion people, it is not hard to see why Storm (STORM) has a strong value growth potential. All it needs is to get adopted in the third world, and its value will explode.
But is this the reason why this coin is surging at the moment, with volumes spiking on exchanges like Upbit?  Probably not? The current price rise could be a pump by some whales in South Korea. That’s why Upbit’s volumes are higher than in all the other exchanges.

However, this pump doesn’t take away the strong potential that Storm coin holds.  As more people use Storm coin as a tool for earning a living, its long-term value will stabilize. This is one of the few small blockchain projects that have a real chance of success in the long-run. Of course, as it grows and gets listed on more exchanges, the ability to manipulate its price will reduce, and its fundamental strength will increase even further.
For investors who get the bigger picture on the power of blockchain technology, this is best time to jump into STORM Token, before it hits the mass market.


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