Is Decred (DCR) the Answer to Blockchain Governance?

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Decred (DCR) – One of the biggest problems of the majority of digital assets is acquiring suitable governance in the market, which means that the majority of digital currencies are looking for a way of establishing easy blockchain governance, which describes the ability of getting the highest value along with the highest level of transparency from a certain coin. It is said that Decred was issued and launched to solve this particular problem, which means that the main objective of this currency is to provide governance of digital assets. Is Decred the answer to blockchain governance and if so, how come?

Everything You Need to Know About Decred

Decred (DCR) is said to be offering a solid solution for blockchain governance and governance of digital assets in particular. This currency exists for almost two years now, which makes it a fairly young currency in the world of digital assets, and it started out as an ICO, launched with the purpose of providing governance solutions to the world of tokens and coins.

DCR is launched as a self-funding project that is made with the purpose of creating an innovative and unique protocol that allows the existence of the voting model consensus. That means that the more power is given to users and investors who are investing in DCR and using this currency.

Moreover, DCR was created in a way that allows its platform to expand with the expansion of its scope, meaning that DCR is highly scalable. This is the case because Decred uses a modular architecture of its platform. That further allows the team behind this currency to create an ecosystem with utterly functional open-source infrastructure.

The modular nature of Decred allows this platform to embrace more functional distribution. Thanks to this modular ecosystem, Decred stands as one in a kind crypto that managed to create a unique on-chain voting consensus with an ignition activated by DCR users.

That being said, DCR is one of the rare coins that value democracy even in the digital decentralized coin-driven ecosystem, where users and investors are allowed to be included in the life and journey of Decred in a unique way.

That is how, instead of awarding miners, just like it is the case with mining-driven platforms, Decred is awarding its users for actively participating as a part of the DCR community. That means that DCR is actually powered by its faithful community.

Decred and Its Features

As we have established that Decred offers solutions for easy governance, which also makes up for its original objective, it’s time to judge this coin based on its features. Decred uses Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake protocols that actually represent hybrid protocols based on the original PoW and PoS traditionally used in many blockchain-based ecosystems. PoW and PoS are used in consensus voting, which is a pretty important part of DCR as this coin is powered by its community.

One of the features that Decred is pretty proud of is the cross-chain atomic swap. Cross-chain atomic swap offers a simple solution to DCR so they could easily and freely swap between different cryptocurrencies, which in the opinion of Decred team raises the level of governance.

In addition to cross-chain atomic swap and its modular ecosystem, Decred also offers the feature of owning cross-platform wallets. That means that DCR users can without any issues transfer their digital currencies between Decred platform and other connected platforms.

Judging by its superb features, modular infrastructure, and high level of scalability on top of all the perks that come with DCR, Decred seems to indeed represent an answer to blockchain governance.

Decred and the Market

Decred seems to be showcasing the strength of its own governance as its ability to withstand the harsh market currents is being demonstrated in oppose to the majority of dropping currencies in the moment of this writing.

As the first quarter of 2018 is coming to an end, it seems that the period of bouncing off and recovering from the market is also over, due to the fact that the majority of currencies are experiencing waves of decreases as of the current moment.

However, Decred (DCR) is still going up and trading in the green, although at a slower pace of growth when compared to its latest change in the market as shown during the mass recovery of circulating cryptos.

After the latest change in the market, DCR is successfully showcasing blockchain governance as this coin makes up for one of the rare cases of increasing price.

With the recent change, Decred went up to 8.67% against the dollar, while it is also trading in the green against BTC.

That means that Decred can now be purchased at the price of 82.39$ per one unit. Decred (DCR) marked its all-time high back in mid-January when this currency was trading at the price of 122$ per one DCR coin.



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