All the Reasons Why Cardano (ADA) Deserves To Be Among the Top 10 Cryptos

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Cardano (ADA) makes up for a pretty young coin when compared to the rest of the top 10 list, however, this currency has easily managed to claim its spot among the top 10 best currencies due to its uniqueness when it comes to the way ADA uses blockchain technology. Besides from managing to take the 7th spot on the global coin ranking list in less than a year since it’s been originally launched and issues as an ICO, Cardano is also doing an amazing job with recovering from the market crash. So, as we are analyzing ADA, we are interested in listing all the reasons that make Cardano worthy of being traded among the top 10 cryptos.

Cardano and ADA Holders

One of the things that make Cardano (ADA) truly a unique coin in the market is the way this currency is managing its development changes and modifications. Changes and updates, as well as modifications,  are essential for any system, and the same goes with the blockchain technology.

While development of a certain currency is usually strictly limited to the development team of the given currency, holders don’t get to be asked about any of the implementations, modifications, and changes being made on the platform and in the system. This process is a bit different with Cardano.

All ADA holders are entitled to suggest any change they would like to see done on Cardano’s platform, which means that any ADA holder can suggest changes in Cardano Library. Then, the rest of the holders get to vote on that proposition. In case the proposition is upvoted, the dev team will accept the change and announce this change being made on the platform.  That is how Cardano is actually being managed by ADA holders as well as they are entitled with the right over their share of Cardano units, thus they have the right to vote on changes being made on its platform.

Cardano and Daedalus

Cardano (ADA) has one of the most functional crypto wallets in the market, and it’s called Daedalus. ADA has also released a beta version of this wallet, which is also going to be released for Linux, while it is based on IOHK platform. Daedalus is known to be one of the most functional wallets in the market as it is pretty simple to download and even easier to use.

Moreover, Daedalus can brag about increased functionality as this wallet allows you to make as many wallets as you need while keeping your ADA units safe and sound. Another thing that makes Cardano stand out from the crowd thanks to Daedalus is the fact that this wallet doesn’t have private keys, so all users can easily manage their ADA resources.

Cardano and Chinese Expansion

Getting a new listing is always a great deal for the listed coin, especially when a certain coin is making an overseas expansion. Having Cardano accepted on Huobi a couple of days ago, which is the largest platform in China, also being the second largest exchange market on a global level, adds more importance to this listing than it normally would. The reason for this lies in the fact that Cardano makes up for a western coin and by having it listed on a Chinese exchange market, makes Cardano’s expansion brought up to one of the largest crypto markets.

It seems that Cardano is doing pretty well in The Chinese crypto market as ADA is trading up in the green for days now.

Cardano and the Market

Ranked as number 7 on the global coin ranking list, Cardano has been doing an amazing job I  the field of technological improvements even though it was only launched in September of 2017, that way making it one of the most successful young ICOs.

In addition to its amazing performance in the field of blockchain technology, Cardano (ADA) is also doing great with recovering from the market crash that lasted for more than eight weeks.

After the latest change in the market, Cardano has gone up to 11.19% in the course of a single day, which means that ADA is trading up and in the green against the dollar.

In addition to rising against a fiat currency, ADA is also going up against BTC for over 5%, while trading in the green.

That means that ADA can be currently purchased at the price of 0.317$ per one unit, that way getting closer to its all-time high. In case Cardano (ADA) manages to obtain this pace of growth in the time to come, it would without any problems be able to get back to its record price of 1.22$ per one unit, as marked back at the beginning of January of 2018.


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