After the PornHub debacle, will Verge (XVG) rebound?

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The crypto market is back, and almost all the major coins are gaining. However, after it’s partnership with PornHub, Verge (XVG) has been on a downward slide.  It is clear that investors were not impressed by this partnership, and are quitting this crypto enmass. Could this be the end of Verge, or is this a buying opportunity?

Well, if you are have strong hands, and can whether market storms, this could be one of your best opportunities to buy Verge! To understand why anyone would be looking to buy a coin that is partnering with a porn site, you need to ask yourself one question, what’s the whole essence of a privacy coin? It’s to give you anonymity in payments, right? Now, isn’t subscribing to a porn site one of the things that one might need some privacy?

How many people want to use their credit card or their PayPal account to pay for porn services? The answer is, very few! Unless you are some sort of freak, having the whole world know that you are a subscriber to a porn site is nothing to be proud of.

In essence, Verge is simply gravitating towards partnerships with industries where it is needed most. PornHub is one of the largest porn sites in the world, and if a good chunk of its subscriptions were be done through Verge (XVG), it would be a great thing for Verge. Already PornHub has announced that they have received thousands of payments using Verge. That’s a good indicator that this crypto is actually doing what’s it’s designed to do!  Give people the confidence to pay for things that they would otherwise be uncomfortable paying for, using traditional methods.  As these transaction volumes increase, you can expect the intrinsic value of Verge to keep growing too.

On top of that, the Verge team is already working on some new partnerships. One of the partnerships that the team is rumored to be working on is with MoreFun. If this deal goes through, then Verge will be integrated into the gaming ecosystem, another high transaction industry. Verge attributes such as low transaction costs, high speeds, and privacy could easily see it become one of the most used payment method in gaming, if it partners of MoreFun. That’s good to its value growth!

Other than that, Verge still has a strong brand name. It is one of the top cryptocurrencies, and is listed on some of the world’s largest exchanges such as Bittrex and Binance. As such, investors will always be there, and if the price continues to drop, they will start perceiving it as a good buying opportunity, simply on the basis of price action.

In essence, we can conclude that Verge will rebound. The weak hands will exit the market, but those who hang on, will reap big.  The intrinsic value of Verge (XVG) is about to grow over time, now that is doing what it was designed to do, give privacy where privacy is truly needed.


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