2 – Days to the end of the SwftCoin (SWFTC) airdrop. Don’t miss out!

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If you hold some SwftCoins (SWFTC) and constantly trade them over the Swft blockchain, then you have probably received 100 SwftCoins in the ongoing airdrop. However if you have not yet signed up yet, then you still have two day to go.  Up to the 26th of this month, all users of the Swft blockchain will receive free Swft and BTG coins. This is all part of a celebration to a partnership between Swft blockchain and bitcoin gold.

But if you thinking of investing in SwftCoin, this should not be your only motivation for putting your money in this coin. SwftCoin happens to be one of the most fundamentally strong coins in the market.  For instance, Swft is one of the fastest cryptos when it comes to making cross-border payments. This places it in the same league as the likes of Ripple. As a matter of fact, it has been promoted as the Chinese ripple. Given that cross-border payments is one of the areas where cryptocurrencies are getting adopted at a high rate, it then follows that Swft has a good chance for exponential growth in the future.

Besides, the fact that this coin has positioned itself as the Chinese ripple is good for its value too. That’s because China is one of the largest markets for cryptocurrencies in the world. In essence, any coin that gains prominence in China is guaranteed to grow in value over the long-run.  That’s why SwftCoin (SWFTC) is a good investment, given that it is already well-known in China and is beginning to get adopted across the world as well.

Swft also happens to have some great partnerships globally.  This gives it some major utility as a top crypto, in terms of increasing the levels of utility in the crypto market.  Given that liquidity is a major issue in crypto verse, the Swift blockchain has a strong intrinsic value, and so is the SwftCoin.

Even from a technical analysis perspective, Swft has shown a high degree of resilience up to this point.  All through March when the rest of the crypto market was dropping, and bitcoin hitting lows of under $7000, Swft was quiet resilient.  Now that the market is back, this crypto is showing signs of a stronger growth, faster than the rest of the market. Currently, Swft has gained over 16% in intra-day trading, indicating a strong value growth for this coin.

Now that the Swft blockchain is doing an airdrop, volumes will increase significantly as investors jump in to take advantage of the airdrop. This will push the value of SwftCoin higher in the short run. But the airdrop will also increase awareness about this coin and drive up volumes in the long-run. The impact will be an increase in the value of this coin, going into the long-run. If crypto momentum continues at its current rate, SwftCoin (SWFTC) could close the year at $0.20 and above.


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