Three Big News Behind Ripple (XRP) Bull Run

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Ripple (XRP) appears to have been having a bullish run over the week. The altcoin keeps partnering with one firm and another, it is then enough to say the pay day has come for the cryptocoin. There is continuous announcement from those at Ripple almost every week that Ripple XRP or Ripple tools is being used to catapult cross border payment. As this news comes in, there is noticed enlargement for Ripple, making it value drive close to the much talked about $1.

Many a number of partnership have been made over the years, some among them are proving to be the game changers. While it is hard to state categorically that this partnership or news is behind the bullish movement of Ripple, it could be stated that two, three or four news, when disseminated made Ripple to increase in market value.

In this wise, below are some of the news that made Ripple (XRP) value tends towards the north.

Ripple-Powered Santander App.

Although, the news of Ripple and Santander partnership was all in the air before this time, when the news that the app was unveiled surfaced, the price of ripple skyrocketed. Although, the Santander app branded as Santander One Pay FX employs Ripple’s tool, xCurrent, it was among the major news that increased the value of Ripple. The app is fortified with Ripple, international payment made via it arrives within a day and of low charges.

The Apple-Ripple Partnership News

The first message that created uproar in the crypto space some days back was the awaited news of Apple-Ripple Partnership. Different crypto platforms highlighted that Apple Pay has integrated Ripple’s Interledger protocol, and that the update will be effected via Safari browser.

If this comes to fruition as speculated, there is going to be overexcitement in the cryptospace than we are seeing today. Once Ripple is completely adopted, the price of Ripple will increase beyond what we see now, may be to $10.

While some have refuted the partnership the moment the speculation surfaced, however, it was not because it was not true, but because everything attached to Ripple is nothing but vague before skeptics.

Ripple Committed $25 Million To Innovations.

Every innovation loving individual should fall for Ripple in this aspect. The cryptocoin is investing in brilliant ideas that will see the blockchain industry grow to an appreciable standard. The fund is dedicated to projects that will identify new use cases for the XRP Ledger and Interledger Protocol. This news, among others, is expediting the growth of Ripple, it is among the many news that is propelling the altcoin.

Conclusion: It is noteworthy that Ripple (XRP) will soon go past $1 if the cryptocoin continue in this manner, in fact, it will soon reach $10.

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