NEO Is Gaining More Fame Than Hype

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A look into the cryptocurrency market reflects that nearly all top coins are striving to be in the green zone. While investors look beyond today to determine which digital coin to invest in, the cryptocurrency space continuous to receive more coins, with many of them not having reliable functions that can entice investors. This is not the case of Neo (NEO), the cryptocoin is among the coins winning it big, increasing in market capitalization and trade value.

What Is NEO?

Commonly called the Chinese Ethereum, Neo is trying to be the solution to the emanating problems in the fiat and crypto space. NEO is an open network for smart contract. It was invented in 2014. The platform aims to shift the traditional economy into the new era of the “Smart Economy”.

The platform offers flexible and scalable solutions that gives it the opportunity to have different kinds of decentralized applications (DApp). Building DApps on NEO is simple, the platform makes the use of JavaScript a simple development tools that is available and easy.

The Neo platform, is becoming relevant, and doing fantastic in wedging to any form of idea  with many use cases. The NEO currency is also adaptable to any form of transaction as users of the cryptocoin may require.

Does Neo Collaborates With Big Firms?

The major aim of every cryptocoin and blockchain platform is to gain investors and partners to enable it withstand the test of time, market forces and competition coming from different coins.

Like other coins have tried to gain more partners, Neo is also trying to have as many as possible. However, the cryptocoin has partnered with Alibaba, popularly regarded as the Amazon of China. Through the partnership, Neo users are able to buy on Alibaba using Neo currency as the payment means. NEO also sealed a partner with Microsoft China. The partnership is to enable users of Neo pay for products using the digital currency.

Neo is trying to be the big coin to watch. The team behind the cryptocoin, were on their first European tour to lure investors and partners, in a bid to gain ground in the continent. At some point, the team were in Lisbon, Madrid and some other places in Europe.

NEO Blockchain’s First Decentralized Exchange

Switcheo is the first NEO’s decentralised blockchain exchange. It is celebrated as the fourth-largest decentralized exchange in the world raising $8.5 million in ICO. The platform, according to reports, have seen an average $2 million trading volume the first week it was launched. This makes it the fourth largest decentralised exchange following Ethfinex, Idea, and Cobinhood.

This exchange is a great development for Neo and poised to change the story of the cryptocoin in the nearest future.

NEO and Market: Any Progress?

Neo is at present traded for $76.56. The cryptocoin is trying hard to maintain its present position, but due to market forces, the cryptocoin is swinging between $76 and $74. In the past twenty four hours, the coin is up by 1.01%. At the moment, it is ranked at the 10th largest coin, and has a market capitlisation of $4,976,712,000 USD.

Conclusion: Neo is future coin to watch. It is possible that it stays among the top four coins in some months to come.


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