Achain (ACT): 3 days to Cobinhood listing! Time to jump in.

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Are you holding Achain (ACT)?  If yes, then your portfolio must be doing well, given that this crypto has been on the rise for the last few days. Today, it is up by over 20% and counting. So what’s pushing it up so fast?

There is a multitude of factors, but the biggest one is the listing on Cobinhood on the 26th of April.  Investors are excited about this because it will increase the volumes of Achain (ACT) traded, and as the volumes increase, so will the value. It’s a simple case of the economic laws of demand and supply.  But it’s not the expectation of higher volumes that is pushing up the value of this coin. There is also the fact that Achain has an edge over its better-known crypto peers in the market.

One of Achain (ACT) strongest features is the “sandbox.” The sandbox is basically an ecosystem where smart contracts are tested out for any issues, before they run on the ACT network. This feature makes Achain one of the most secure smart contracts platforms out there for launching decentralized application. In essence, when compared to a platform like Ethereum on security, Achain is miles ahead, and investors are excited about this feature.

Another fundamental aspect of Achain that is attracting investors is its use of the Lua programming language, in the development of decentralized applications. While Lua is not one of the best known programming languages out there, it is one of the easiest to learn. This means that as blockchain goes mainstream and more people begin to launch Dapps, we are likely to see an increase in the number of newbie programmers looking to launch apps on Achain, based on its simplicity. On top of that, Achain also supports the more common programming languages that are used in writing smart contacts such as Solidity, C# and JavaScript, which makes Achain even more attractive as a Dapps platform.

However, the biggest asset that Achain has at the moment, one that is pushing up its value is the fact that it is proven and tested in the market. Unlike many small blockchain projects that are mostly concepts that are yet to be tested, Achain already has Dapps already running on it. At the moment, up to 10 Dapps are running on Achain, and more are coming up. That’s an exponential growth given that NEO has around 43 Dapps, yet it has been around for way longer than Achain. It’s a good indicator that Achain is trusted, and trust is great for long-term value growth.

With all these factors coming into play, it’s not hard to see why Achain is making such exponential gains. This could be the NEO of 2018, if its rate of growth is anything to go by. You also need to remember that it is mostly popular in China at the moment. Once the rest of the world gets to know about it, and understand its capabilities, Achain (ACT) will be a jackpot for early investors.


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