Odyssey (OCN) – 4 reasons why it’s headed to the moon

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The crypto market is on the rise again, and investors are hunting for projects that could outperform the market in 2018. If you are an investor hunting for winners in 2018, then you should seriously consider investing in Odyssey (OCN). Before we dwell so much on why OCN is a winner, let’s find understand what is?

Odyssey (OCN) is a blockchain project that aims to cut costs and enhance efficiency in the sharing economy.  It achieves this by making use of AI, blockchain smart contracts and big data.   With this mind, let’s now look at 3 reasons why you should seriously consider investing in OCN.

  1. The sharing economy is growing

The sharing economy is one of the fastest growing in the world, with companies like Uber, and AirBnB taking over entire industries.  Odyssey is well positioned to make this economy more efficient by making use of smart contracts. It is already making moves in this direction by integrating with OBike, one of the largest bike sharing companies in the world.  Through this integration, OCN will offer a simplified and cost-effective solution to OBike users, and drive up the intrinsic value of the OCN token. There will be many such partnerships in the future, considering that the sharing economy is growing at an exponential rate, with companies like OBike already acquiring over 10 million users.

  1. It is releasing an extra 2 million coins into the market

There are many people who think that releasing these coins into the market will water down the value of OCN. However, that can’t be further from the truth. Once these coins are released, OCN will double its market cap, and probably become a top 100 coin. Getting into the top 100 is a big deal because it will have a higher visibility in the eyes of investors. This will drive up volumes in the long-run and as a consequence, it’s value.  This explains why OCN is currently gaining, despite the fact that more coins will be entering the market today. It’s an indicator that the market is bullish on the idea of this coin jumping up the market capitalization rankings. As more people get to know about it and invest, it could end the year as a top 20 coin, and investors will reap big from the value gains.

  1. OCN will switch to the Tron blockchain

Justin Sun has some level of involvement with OCN, and it is already confirmed that OCN will be switching to the Tron network. Given how fast Tron has grown, and the potential it has for future growth, one can only anticipate that a project running on Tron, and one which Tron’s Justin Sun is somehow involved in, has a good future. Once the Tron main net goes live, Odyssey (OCN) is one the coins that could be headed to the moon together with Tron (TRX).

Going by these fundamentals and the possibility that OCN will be listed on Binance next month, all indications are that this could be one of the biggest winners in 2018.

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