EOS (EOS) Gets another Listing along with Announcing a New Partnership

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EOS (EOS) has shown a quite performance when this currency managed to jump from being the 6th-best currency to overthrowing Litecoin from the spot number five according to the global coin ranking list. That means that EOS now has the privilege of enjoying the 5th spot on the global coin ranking list, which this currency deserved due to the increase of its market capitalization. That being said, it is more than obvious that EOS managed to pull off an amazing rebound episode, which led it closer to the top. As the euphoria caused by this case is slowly settling down, EOS users have more to look forward to as EOS just got listed on another exchange while also announcing a brand new partnership.

EOS Gets a New Listing

EOS is one of the coins that have been doing exceptionally well for the past few weeks after the market crash as the market started to recover massively. Due to its astonishing results, the coin even managed to climb one spot up on the global coin ranking list which led it closer to the top, respectfully being ranked as one of the top 5-best currencies in the market according to the market cap.

One of the reasons for having EOS both trending and trading up is the release of Dawn 3.0, however, there are more reasons than a single one for having EOS radically spiking. One of such reasons is getting a new listing.

Whenever a coin gets listed, its visibility to investors gets consequently increased which means that EOS got even more available to investors and holders for getting another listing. This time, EOS has been listed on Zebpay.

Besides from adding EOS to its list of trading coins, Zebpay has also added Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum, which means that all top coins are listed on this exchange.

Zebpay can do wonders for EOS and its increased accessibility,  given the fact that the exchange has an app made for Android and iOS. In addition to the increased accessibility of its coins, Zebpay makes up for an attractive market exchange given the fact that it only charges 0.1% per one trading, which means that Zebpay is one of the cheapest exchanges to trade on.

EOS Announces a New Partnership

Partnerships, just like listings, can easily sky-rocket a currency, which means that announcing a new partnership might have also affected EOS to embrace an increased trading volume as well as acquiring more popularity in the market.

As announced by the partner, EOS will be starting a collaboration with WAX. WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange, and their team is planning on launching a peer-to-peer market ecosystem and EOS and its team should play the main role in the development of this market.

That means that EOS team will be working on checking the status of features, system, codes, operational capabilities and the technology in general in order to make the WAX market as flawless as possible.

In the sea of different currencies and blockchain-based digital assets, WAX is said to have chosen EOS for their project given the fact that the technology behind this currency matches the requirements of the new network.

Moreover, EOSIO as a platform can fully support WAX and its two tokens, with the second token being issued later on while WAX token is already available. The second token that is expecting to be released is to be designed to represent a protocol token. The protocol token will be used for powering up smart contracts for WAX users.

EOS and the Market

EOS has made some astonishing moves in the past few weeks as we have seen this currency going one place up the ladder of success as well as acquiring a new partnership with WAX and getting listed on Zebpay which makes up for one of the most popular and most cost-effective market exchanges in the world of cryptocurrencies.

However, although EOS is playing with the big boys for quite some time now, we can see this currency going down today at the time of this writing.

On April 21st, EOS is trading in the red after the latest change in the market. In addition to dropping against the dollar for 3.58%, EOS is also trading in the red in oppose to BTC and ETH, going down for -6.52% against Bitcoin and -5.59% against Ethereum.

After the recent change in the market, EOS (EOS) managed to go over the expected value of 10$ per one unit, however, this is where the rises stop. That means that EOS is currently being traded at the price of 10.57$ per one unit, still holding onto the spot of the 5th-best currency in the market.


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