Adex (ADX) A Real Deal Or Pump And Dump?

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Just as AdEx stands as an “advertising exchange” where advertisers and publishers meet to negotiate terms of deal, AdEx (ADX) drags much crowd because online media industry is a crowded sector which is overtaking TV advert.

Before entrusting wealth on an asset, people are always wary of choosing an investment that is worthwhile or has potential of becoming lucrative. No one wants to invest in a fraud or Pump and Dumb deal. While the world, especially millennial, see cryptocurrency as an investment that could thrust their wealth within a twinkle of an eye, they want to entrust their treasure on a crypto that will not drag their hard earned wealth to mire.

As much as the crypto verse contains sundry of altcoins, AdEx (ADX) flags out as a potential crypto coin that can boost one’s wealth. Amid the display of AdEx, there has been rousing questions on whether ADX is a potential deal or a Pump and Dump.

ADX Development And Achievement.

Popularly known as ad network blockchain, AdEx has in the past attracted great developments.  The altcoin has been up against other competing contemporary blockchain projects like Bitclave, Basic Attention Token, qChain, and adChain with its pacing developments.

February 27, 2018 marked the launching of AdEx (ADX) DApp Beta and it was equally ready for use. The DApp, going by the altcoin’s road Map, was out sooner than slated.

“[…] This new architecture allowed us to skip a step in the AdEx development altogether. Instead of rolling out AdEx V.1 in October, then starting work on AdEx V.2 in 2019, we went ahead with the scalability improvements that we had planned for AdEx V.2.”

– Adex development team said in a blog post.

On August 15, 2017, the ad based blockchain proclaimed a partnership with NEO, the first open source blockchain in China. The partnership made ADX value quadrupled subsequently.

At present, ADX is being traded on the following exchange platform:

  • Binance
  • Liqui
  • Huobi
  • Bittrex
  • HitBTC
  • EtherDelta

ADX Price Analysis.

After weeks of bearish market condition in the crypto sphere, the industry is changing for better to make its lover smile off daunts. AdEx (ADX), ranked 186 with a market value of $1.10 and a market cap of over 66 million according to coinranking, has been a little bit bullish in the market for some days in line with the recent change in the market. Within the space of seven days, ADX which was earlier traded for $0.76 added a huge sum of 43.3% to its value, while the difference in its present value compared to the last 30 days is an addendum of 41.4%.

With massive and outstandingly unending increment, the altcoin calls for great attention, while rousing questions on whether it is an altcoin to invest in or a Pump Dump fraud keep coming in.


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