Is (POE) a Potentially Valuable Token?

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WhatsApp (POE) is set to make digital licensing far easier than it is now, so as a token, POE possibly holds greater value than the one shown in its market capitalization. However, although has suffered a great deal due to the now long gone market crash, it seems that this currency is slowly being recovered in the spirit of a massive bounce off that is going on for more than a week now as the majority of coins and tokens are going up. Even though not many people realize how difficult it is to protect a project’s license as it can be easily clicked and copied, is set to revolutionize the way digital licensing is being done as well as remove this issue, hopefully, to complete diminishment. Let’s see how can help solve the issue of digital licensing as well as what this currency has been up to these days. and Digital Licensing: Is POE Worth more Than Its Market Price? (POE) is ranked as the 126th currency in the global coin ranking list, which is the result of its market capitalization in oppose to the other digital currencies that are currently circulating the market. That being said, the physical value of as a currency is not as highly valued as its holders might have wanted as this token is being traded even far below a 1$ price.

That makes us wonder whether is actually undervalued with a great potential of becoming a highly valuable token in the market as well. But, when we are mentioning its value we are rather talking in the context of technological capabilities that come with In case you haven’t heard of POE, this token is settled on top of Ethereum’s operating chain and it represents one of many tokens and coins that are accepted on Ethereum’s ledger.

However, is a bit different than “others”. This is the case because as a project is focused on revolutionizing digital licensing along with improving the way of keeping your license safe. It is the fact that digital license is pretty easy to acquire even outside blockchain technology. But, there is another problem with digital licensing – digital content is pretty easy to get stolen.

This is the case because all digital content is pretty easily distributed as it can be shared with a simple copy-paste operation and done in only a couple of click or less. That is how a massive problem with protecting the right to your digital content occurs. With the help of Ethereum, can aid all its users in making digital licensing far easier than it is. And, on the bright side, it can all be easily done on Ethereum’s blockchain network thanks to the use of smart contracts.

With and Ethereum, smart contracts serve the purpose of protecting the rights of all digital content, which means that unlicensed distribution is strictly prohibited and technically disabled.

Thanks to the flexibility and decentralized nature, with its technology and a bold idea, is aiming to help all publishers with easily licensing their creative work, making sure that their rights are protected while their content is visible on the blockchain network, but is prevented from being freely distributed that way breaking the terms of the digital license. To make this process easier, is made to be transparent, while still maintaining a high level of security.

That is how POE holds a massive potential for the publishing industry, as the team behind this currency is aiming at including both, decentralized and centralized apps on their chain which is currently operating on top of Ethereum’s chain. and the Market

POE is respectfully one of the majority of currencies that has been doing pretty well in recovering from the market crash, which means that is currently trading in the green.

After the most recent change in the market, (POE) is trading in the green with the latest increase in its price by 1.51%. Although the rate of’s growth in the market is not changing the price of this currency at a radical pace, it is certain that POE is showing a humble dose of stability in the market as this currency is bouncing off.

Although POE is rising against the dollar at the current moment, this token is dropping in oppose to BTC and ETH by over 1% and up, which means that Ethereum and Bitcoin are doing slightly better than POE at the current moment.

With the latest change in its price, (POE) can be purchased at the price of 0.050$ per one unit, which is 4 times lower than its record price of 0.21$ per one unit as recorded at the beginning of January 2018.

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