Propy (PRO) is Going Up and All the Reasons to Care

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Propy (PRO) is another one of currencies that are ranked below top 100 that is, as of the current events, setting the crypto market on fire. During a pretty short period of time, this currency has managed to head to the moon by collecting over 105% of gains while being traded in the green against the dollar, as well as against BTC and ETH for around 90% and up towards 100% against Bitcoin. What is the catch about Propy and how come this digital currency is progressing as fast?

Propy Gets Listed on an Important Exchange

Any listing is an important listing for a coin, especially if a certain coin needs to acquire a stable pace of growth. However, some listings carry more importance than others, and so it goes for Propy (PRO) getting listed on Bittrex Exchange.

Bittrex is one of the major global exchange markets for cryptos, so having been listed on such market really counts as a success which can also be seen in the increasing trading volume of PRO currency. The PRO team tweeted on this matter, claiming that they are happy to have been listed on Bittrex Exchange. Pretty soon, this currency will be ready for live trading and exchanging on Bittrex, which will most possibly sky-rocket Propy even higher.

Initially, on the matter of trading Propy on Bittrex, there were some issues revolving around making deposits with PRO currency, about which PRO updated their followers via regular Twitter updates.

Bittrex soon managed to resolve this problem, so the team behind PRO announced that their currency is now available for trading on the newly acquired listing on Bittrex Exchange market.

Since the listing, the price of this currency has surged, showing amazing progress while gaining over 105% on its price against the dollar and acquiring a pretty flattering physical value on the market.

Propy and Real Estate Ventures

In case you are wondering what is Propy (PRO) all about, you may have noticed a neat connection between the words “Propy” and “property”. In case you spotted the resemblance between those words, you can guess that Propy is dealing with real estate market. Specifically, Propy is helping Chinese investors buy properties outside of their country and overseas.

This is “easily” accomplished by creating a decentralized environment with a key currency that will enable the usage of smart contracts for this matter. Thanks to the smart contracts, the PRO dev team has designed a decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem that complies with the laws of the US revolving around buying real estate. This way, Propy has enabled their users from China to invest in real estate overseas by using their platform, which makes this type of purchasing far easier than the traditionally established way of purchasing real estate from China overseas.

Although Propy (PRO) is still ranked below the top 100 and even top 200, its pace of growth has recorded an amazing movement that goes beyond the rebound of other major currencies. So, even though Propy might be considered to be a new coin, at this pace of growth and with the idea that drives their dev team, can be easily seen listed on all major exchanges, side by side with major coins and “big players”.

Propy and the Market

Propy, although ranked far from the top according to the global coin list, has shown an amazing pace of growth in the market during the last week, that way attracting the attention of the public and potential investors.

After the latest change in the market, Propy has made an amazing improvement in its increasing trading volume while gaining over 105% of rises while trading in the green against the dollar.

In addition to this amazing rise, PRO is also trading up against Bitcoin and Ethereum, which means that Propy  (PRO) makes up for one of the best-performing currencies in this week and definitely making it the top gainer of the day. PRO is currently rising over 98% against BTC, while it is going up against ETC by over 89% while trading in the green.

That means that after the most recent change in the market that affected Propy in a positive way, PRO can be bought at the price of 2.52$ per one unit while being ranked as 228th currency on the global coin ranking list. However, we can easily see PRO climbing the ladder of top 100 petty soon at the current pace of growth.

PRO marked its all-time high back at the beginning of 2018, in January, while being traded at the price of 5.72$ per one unit and going towards 6$.

Hopefully, with the latest important listing on Bittrex, Propy (PRO) will soon be able to get back on the track, getting back to its record price and potentially going up and beyond that price.


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