NANO Coin Is Coming Back, Is It Time To HODL?

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After witnessing a bull run, the cryptocurrency community witnessed a terrific downfall last year. Nearly all digital coin suffered the massive slap, with few staggering amid shakes and quakes. The big four were the first to experince the quake, followed by the somewhat unknown.

It is surprising seeing coin like NANO Coin coming back in a surprising manner while others are still staggering. In February, the altcoin came back doubling in price in just couple of days.

The Big Hack: Who’s Fault?

NANO Coin went on doing great until April 8, when the news of BitGrail’s $150 million hack surfaced. While many have centered the problem on the cryptocoin, the team behind NANO revealed the problem came from BitGrail. All those involved have not stopped pointing accusing fingers on another.

NANO Witnessed Class Lawsuit Action Surfaced During Trying Time

Shortly after the hack, Silver Miller, a blockchain investor law firm situated in America declared it filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of investors in Nano f/k/a RaiBlocks (XRB), stating that NANO and team violated federal securities laws.

The hack created fear in the cryptospace, with belief that NANO may witness another Hack. During this time, NANO price fell to $4.15, however, that was not the end. NANO is pulling all effort to gain more value and become trusted, again. This is happening now, despite the lawsuit action.

Milestone 12 Becomes Big Solution!

NANO came with what analyst called ‘long lasting solution’ after many have requested that it undergo hard fork. NANO team released a major update called ‘Milestone 12’, purposely to reinvent in the mind of crypto enthusiasts that the coin is coming back.

It is clear that the update came with enormous number of improvements on the code when likened to previous updates.  The latest update is laced with new Windows 64-bit installer, at the same time a Linux build to serve the updated PC wallet. Analysts confirm the authenticity, uniqueness and the outstanding features of the update.

Now, NANO Coin is doing great with the recent update and it is proving to the space that it does not deserve accusing fingers, as it received during the recent hack. The cryptocoin is now on the green line. At the moment, it trades at $7.03 and has a market cap of $936,934,013 USD. There is possibility the altcoin jumps to $10 in a very short time.

NANO Has Potential To Be Next Big Coin

Every coin witnesses ups and downs. There is time for resuscitation after fall. The same is what is happening to NANO now. For observers who knows when to HODL, it seems the time is now. If NANO team are able to paint the cryptocoin fine again, NANO may rise to $20 in a short time. The community seems to be growing at a fast pace. If the team is able to lure investors, partners, the coin will become stable and less volatile.  For those wanting to invest, NANO Coin is the next choice, and it has come to stay. Be prepared, it seems the coin is preparing to be bullish.



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