Cardano (ADA) Heads Straight To the Moon: Development Team Redefines Development

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Cardano (ADA) has been making impressive progress in the recent past and it is essential that we look at their weekly reports for the third week of April. Cardano price has also been increasing steadily in the past two weeks supported by the good news including the listing on Houbi cryptocurrency exchange platform as well as Binance adding new trading pairs for ADA.

Developments Highlights for the Week


The team is happy to report that the ongoing work and improvements on V1 API are well in progress and that they are getting ready for the test coverage that will culminate in an initial rollout. All the tasks and issues related to CSL-2398 – Wire up integration tests as part of CI (Continuous Integration)*** have been completed successfully. The test will be available on the CI week. Moreover, the development team anticipates that all the work including design and implementation of CSL-2405 Add ‘feesIncluded’ option to Transactions endpoints shall be carried out in the current sprint.


The team focused on the execution of the asynchronous wallet restoration in the previous week and is excited to report that the feature has been successfully reviewed and also tested. Furthermore, the feature has made a number of improvements including UI changes which will allow the users to view the wallet that is restoring along with the balance in the UI. The left sidebar wallet entry supports a linear progress indicator that informs the user that wallet restoration is ongoing. The Asynchronous feature is going to be released alongside Daedalus plus other additional improvements.

Wallet Backend

Great progress was made in the course of last week as the team focused on some vital tasks, for instance, the effort was put to decommissioning the Cardano-SL-1.0 exchanges branch. The migration will begin either this week or next week as the previous stack-based build will be disabled. In the meantime, the team is waiting for an exchange platform to implement its last migration plan. In addition to this, the team is working on writing and validating formal specifications for the new backend for the wallet. Under the guidance of a senior engineer, the team has reworked the history tracking section. It is fitting properly into the rest of the specifications, however; the study of the input section is remaining. Significantly, a senior engineer has been working on this and has made a lot of progress already.


In this section, the main focus during the week was speeding up verification and application of blocks. The team made an addition referred to as ‘serializedSize’ calculation to the ‘Bi’ class. This addition will be employed in place of re-serializing blocks/headers while computing their serialized size. Consequently, the developers will be creating a benchmark that will be used to measure its effectiveness in addition to profiling information and carrying out analysis.


In the previous week, DevOps halted the release/e/1.2.0 branch for Cardano ADA and release/0.10.0 branch for Daedalus, to begin prepping Daedalus 1.2 test installers for QA. The main focus for the team has been Daedalus release, Cardano-SL and the issues arising from the 1.2 release. A bug was reported by a team member while testing the API but has since been rectified using the asynchronous feature. An engineer is also working on the support for Linux so that the release does not leave Linux users behind. The engineer is working on the proof of concept implementation and has already verified the blockchain-based mechanism that supports the addition of new tags. Lastly, the team is working on ensuring that QA is highly involved in the usual workflow. Benchmarking training material has been reviewed and a proposal was made by an engineer to plan for QA’s onboarding.


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