3 Reasons Why Stellar (XLM) is Headed to the Moon before Ripple

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Stellar (XLM) has respectfully embraced a reputation of a fast recovering coin pretty soon after the long-lasting market dip has finally ended, thanks to more than luck as XLM is trading in the green mostly thanks to the recent activities with positive outcomes. AS Stellar dev team is working in the further increased visibility of their currency as well as working on overall improvements, XLM is enjoying a series of gains in the market. That made us believe that Stellar would be able to head to the moon before Ripple, even though XRP is one of the most talked-about currencies lately. Moreover, here are the reasons that made us believe so.

Stellar Gets Listed on Coindirect and Buybit

One of the reasons for having Stellar (XLM) more likely to sky-rocket and head to the moon before Ripple is the fact that XLM got listed on two more exchange markets a couple of days ago. Whenever a currency gets listed on a new exchange, investors get excited and we get a magic equation for a bounce off the combination. That is how Stellar was able to acquire more attainability with increased visibility to investors which resulted in gains in its price.

The two exchanges on which XLM got listed are Coindirect and Buybit. Buybit is set in New Delhi, so with getting listed on this exchange market, Stellar managed to gain more exposure on the Asian crypto market, which, in portion, adds up to its increased liquidity in the market.

As of a couple of days ago, XLM can be purchased, live traded, sold and bought on Coindirect and Buybit, with the ability to exchange XLM units directly for Indian Rupees on Buybit.

Stellar and Stellar Build Projects

Stellar might be one of the most successful forks, being a fork product derived from Ripple. While Ripple is aiming at approaching to massive banking systems, Stellar is focused on bringing payment solutions to the undeveloped areas of the globe.

That is how Stellar community organized its sixth Stellar Build Project, which is a crowdsource development where participants can upload their idea for improving the overall experience of using Stellar and XLM.

There were over 300 submissions, of which half will be awarded. Originally, the prize was set to 500.000 XLM units, but the community gave its best to raise the award amount to 2.7 million XLM units which will be divided among around 100 winners once the winners are officially announced.

That is how Stellar (XLM) is working on creating a strong, development-oriented community, which is also consequently affecting its value on the market as the market demand increases with the involvement of the Stellar community.

Stellar Network and Novatti Group

Stellar has recently partnered up with a payment service provider known under the name of Novatti Group. Novatti Group is a payment service company based in China and they have just started their collaboration with Stellar in order to enable integration of the XLM system for making fast, easily manageable and cheap transactions while working on cross-border remittance.

With this collaboration, Stellar is moving forward to the integration of blockchain technology into the system of Novatti Group, which is at the same time a great step towards having the blockchain technology massively used and widely adopted.

In addition to increasing its presence on the market, Stellar has also expanded its influence to China with this integration, thanks to their collaboration with Novatti Group. This is respectfully, another one of the reasons why it is believed that Ripple’s fork, Stellar, will head to the moon before Ripple with already showing signs of a continuous rise in its price.

Stellar and the Market

It seems that the projects that Stellar team is working on are doing wonders for XLM as this currency has managed to show some great improvements when it comes to stability in the market.

While Stellar XLM is showing a steady pace of growth, while being traded in the green, after the latest change in the market XLM has gained another rise of 4.07% against the dollar, while this currency is still being traded in the green.

Stellar has also shown improvements in oppose to BTC, dealing in the green against Bitcoin for 0.39%.

After the most recent change in the market, Stellar can now be bought at the price of 0.37$, which is now getting close to its record price of 0.85$ which was recorded back at the beginning of January.

In case Stellar would continue to progress at the current pace of growth, it is more than obvious how Stellar XLM could head to the moon before Ripple.


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