IOTA (MIOTA) Reveals More Details on Their Secret Project

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Ever since IOTA (MIOTA) tweeted about a mysterious project, at the time named “Q”, the enthusiasm among the community and MIOTA holders got suddenly increased. Thanks to all this hype perhaps, the ninth-best currency according to the global coin report has been doing a great job in recovering from, now long gone, market crash that was devastating the market for eight exhausting weeks. Since the initial tweet, everyone was expecting to see what lies behind the mysterious “Q”, and now, the answer has finally come. Let’s see what is IOTA up to with the mentioned project as well as how this project will affect IOTA in the time to come.

IOTA and the Mysterious Project “Q”

The hype started off with a humble tweet posted on IOTA’s official Twitter page. The tweet was posted a week ago and IOTA (MIOTA) didn’t keep us waiting too long as they have released the details on the new project they will be working on. In the initial tweet, IOTA stated that the team is working on a project that is not as simple as C++ port, but it has a massive potential. They named the project “Q”, further stating that they will have more details for the public once the official website is launched.

The hype was real as IOTA has been performing more than well in the market, respectfully gaining on its market cap.

After many guessing on what the project could be and what “Q” stands for, the team finally revealed their cunningly kept mystery.

Apparently, IOTA has given a tribute to by having created the first IOTA charging station for electric cars and vehicles. The first IOTA charged station of this type ever to be created, respectfully being also the first crypto-powered charging station for electric vehicles, will be going live in the Netherlands.

This is actually a massive step not only for MIOTA and IOTA platform but also for cryptocurrencies worldwide as this is a perfect example of how blockchain technology and digital assets could be implemented into everyday life while making our lives easier and simpler (as well as more cost-effective!).

The station was created by a Netherlands based company called  Elaad and it started off as an independent project that was later on powered by IOTA. The company’s representative said that their company was able to spot a definite potential in DLT so they started to think about how they could implement that system and use it for the at last launched project, named “Q”.

This is, as added by IOTA’s team, only one of many examples how IOTA can bring two machines to communicate easily through their superb network called Tangle. The electric charging station powered by IOTA also has an interface as well as an electric wallet with system communication that allows the user to follow up with the process of using this invention.

This is only the first version of the design of this application as the team is also planning on improving the app in order to be able to achieve better communication between machines as well as enabling communication and functionality even without the internet connection. Hopefully for IOTA (MIOTA), creating and putting to use the first IOTA-charged station for electric vehicles is only the beginning of mass adoption of cryptos.

IOTA and the Market

It is more than obvious that IOTA is now recovering from the market dip at a pretty flattering rate as we can see that MIOTA is trading in the green for quite some time now. It is a thought in general that one of the reasons for having IOTA rising at such a fast pace of growth is the hype that followed the tweet about the project “Q”, and the hype was real – also being “healthy” for MIOTA’s state on the market.

After the latest change in the market, IOTA (MIOTA) is still trading in the green with the latest positive change that resulted in a rise of 8.23% against the dollar with noted increased trading volume during the period of 24 hours.

In addition to rising against the dollar, MIOTA is also trading in the green and going up against BTC, which means that IOTA is doing 6.38% better than Bitcoin at the current moment when it comes to the meeting market demands.

After the recent change in its price, IOTA (MIOTA) cam now is bought at the price of 1.75$ per one unit, which is still far (but not too far) from its all-time high of around 5.45$ per one unit as marked back at the end of December of 2017.



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