Hacker Who Carted Away With Cryptocurrency Influencer’s Over $2 Million Identified

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The hacker who allegedly carted away with over $2 million belonging to respected cryptocurrency investor and YouTube influencer, Ian Balina, has been identified. Balina disclosed this when responding to Gizmodo’s question poised to him on the hack.

“I’ll be ready to talk when the criminal has been arrested. We have identified who did it and this is a lot bigger than me. Other big names in crypto have been hacked by this criminal. Currently working with FBI, that’s all that I can say. The allegations that I would pull a stunt like this publicly for tax evasion is completely ludicrous. Any attempts to write anything regarding those lies will be met with legal action.”

The obscene incident happened during a livestream on his YouTube channel with over 116,000 YouTubers.  During the session, a viewer questioned Balina, “Ian, did you know that somebody transferred all your tokens from your account?”

Although, Ian explained how he was hacked, and later deleted it. Security experts say how the hack happened remain a mystery.

“This is how I think I got hacked. My college email was listed as a recovery email to my Gmail. I remember getting an email about it being compromised, and tried to follow up with my college security to get it resolved, but wasn’t able to get it handled in fast manner and gave up on it thinking it was just an old email. I kept text versions of my private keys stored in my Evernote, as encrypted text files with passwords. I think they hacked my email using my college email, and then hacked my Evernote.”

Ian, later requested for crypto community’s help, tasking them to watch over three Ether wallet where the fund was sent to. While the ICO reviewer claimed $2 million worth of cryptocurrency was hacked from his wallet, different people have questioned the authenticity of the hack, saying the crypto guru wants to use the allegation to evade tax.

Ian Balina advised the Crypto community to stop uttering any form of incriminating statement since the affair is still with FBI.

Not long, Ian made known that the PundiX tokens left in his wallet have been recovered, and that progress is being made in the investigation.

“Thank you all for the support. We’ve recovered the PundiX tokens the hacker left in the wallet. This is only a small win. We’re making great progress and are following up on a big lead. We have potential suspects, and exchanges are cooperating with our efforts.”

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