(GTC) pumps by more than 50% – Possible higher gains in the horizon

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WhatsApp (GTC) is probably one of the biggest gainer in crypto in the last 24 hours. Currently, this crypto is up by over 50%, and is still gaining. The gains started a few days ago after the Tron foundation tweeted that would be running for a super delegate position in the upcoming vote. The tweet read, is set to run for TRON Super Representative now! @gameblockchain is a new world of gaming based on blockchain and one of TRON’s strategic partners #TRON $TRX #TRONSR”

So why is this such a big deal for Well, that’s because the value of coin (GTC) comes from the number of people using it, to purchase gaming stuff online.  In essence, the bigger the platforms that can partner with, the higher the value potential of this coin.  That’s why a strategic partnership with an entertainment platform as big as Tron is a big deal. Through this partnership, is assured of a platform to keep pushing gaming content that perpetually increases the use value of GTC.

However, it’s not just the partnership that is getting the GTC market excited. There is also the possibility that could in coming months have a voice in the strategic direction that Tron. It will gain this if it manages to become a super delegate. That’s because Tron super delegates will have voting rights in the Tron community. In essence, will have leverage on one of the largest blockchain-based entertainment platforms in the world. It can use its voting rights to focus Tron more on gaming, and in the process give a major boost to GTC coin in the gaming world and this is exciting investors.

Investors are probably also excited by the fact that already has an existing partnership with Tron.  This partnership is beneficial to the Tron platform because it gives it the content it needs to keep growing, as the go-to platform for global entertainment. As such, has an edge in the race to become a Tron super delegate and the market is factoring in this possibility.

As such, (GTC) is likely to keep pumping as investors try to take advantage of it’s low prices, in anticipation of the super delegate news. Of course, GTC is also being anchored by new interesting game features that are being released on the platform. For instance, just announced yesterday that Love. Pet game would support more cryptocurrencies. This is likely to drive traffic to this platform, further pushing up the value of (GTC).

This is definitely the best time to be an investor in GTC. The upcoming super delegate vote, and the new interesting games are guaranteed to sustain momentum in this crypto in the next few months. If this momentum continues (GTC) could hit $0.50 by June, when the super delegates vote takes place. It’s definitely a great time to HODL (GTC).


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