Explaining Litecoin Charlie Lee’s Stance On Verge (XVG) Partnership With Pornhub

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The euphoria that greet the partnership of Verge and Pornhub created disruption in the cryptocurrency space. At the same time, who’s who in the crypto space weighed in on the issues from many unnoticed angles. Among them is Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin LTC.

While Charlie Lee sees the need for partnership, he as well does not see anything reasonable in inducing it with money. To him, going by his sarcastic statement, the partnership is not worth being called an expensive, and it cannot move Verge close to penetrating the cryptocurrency market.

“Turns out Verge’s super expensive partnership was PornHub. “we think it has gained enough steam for us to penetrate the market.” penetrate. @Pornhub, enough with the foreplay. Time to accept the real cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, and XMR.”

To Charlie Lee, and most of the crypto enthusiasts, having many platforms accepting crypto is ideal, but restricting a platform to just a single crypto is not.

“I think having more places to spend crypto is good. But I do hope they accept more than just Verge. It’s quite hard for people to get XVG just to spend on PornHub. It’s a step forward, but having to buy a partner is not a good precedent. Merchants shouldn’t need to be bribed…” 

Buying Partners, Is it Ideal?

When Verge announced it crowdfunding idea to the crypto community, it stated that it would be fostering the donation on gaining massive partnership with a “global organization” that has a “vast network of high traffic sites”, and that it would be “utilizing the donations to initiate a massive marketing campaign across multiple networks.”

At the same time, the team stated once the goal is achieved, they would announce the mystery partnership on a particular date which was later shifted. The mystery partnership according to the creator of Verge “could be the largest adoption of a virtual cryptocurrency ever.”

What observers are pointing at is that, it would not have been possible for Verge to partner with Pornhub, if it was not money-induced.

Either it is or not, Verge has partnered with Pornhub, but how is it going to affect the crypto community should be the point of discuss.

Did Charlie Lee Donate During The Crowdfunding?

The CEO of TokenPay, Derek Capo, said Charlie Lee does not need to force LTC into the issue for the fact that he did not donate a dime during the crowd funding.

“…why you trying to shill $LTC to be 2nd coin on Pornhub? Did you even participate on the @vergecurrency crowd funding campaign. We donated 66.5mm $XVG to make it happen. What did you do? Zero! Get in line ;)”

Apologies For Trolling Verge!

Charlie was trying to be humorous, according to him. He understand Pornhub to be a big business for Verge, but he insisted big coins be accepted in the space.

His Tweet: ““I think I was a bit too negative on this news. Wasn’t trying to be. Anyways, congratulations to @justinvendetta and the Verge team. Porn industry is definitely a leading indicator of technology adoption. I’m glad to see them opening up to cryptocurrency.”



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