Are TRON (TRX) and Super Representative to become the Next Great Idea?

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Tron (TRX) went on to successfully launching its test net at the end of March, specifically on March 31st, which was needless to say pretty exciting news. However, this is in no way where TRON is stopping with further progress as TRX team is planning on releasing a recruitment program which is known under the name of “Super Representative”. That means that TRON will further go on with improving the ecosystem of their, soon-to-be, Main Net during the period of two months that would be serving the purpose of testing the currently used ecosystem. Let’s see where this venture could lead TRON to, as well as what Super Representative actually represents.

TRON and Super Representative

Talking about the near future of TRON network, we can’t miss on mentioning their newly announced plan called Super Representative that should revolve around recruiting power for master node.

This plan is thus very similar to the way Bitcoin super miner is working, which is by motivating and engaging users into sharing their operating power for the sake of collecting a massive amount of power that could measure with the power of a supercomputer. Thanks to this occasion, the computing power is not focused in a single place but is rather shared from different sources into making an ecosystem that can easily process complicated calculations, making consensus the heart and soul of blockchain technology.

That notably means that given the fact that blockchain is consensus-driven technology, it is actually built on public algorithms. Furthermore, that means that the mentioned public algorithms are working on enabling an ecosystem that has the capability to perform such operation, to transmit data and information freely and indisputably while creating a secure and safe environment.

Most of such ecosystems use protocols that are marked as Proof of Work, otherwise known as PoW. You might remember that Bitcoin and Ethereum are some of the blockchain-based ecosystems that use PoW protocol for blockchain operations. However, the problem with this protocol is that it requires nearly massive computing power, which makes it not so cost-effective as well as even slow at times, or slower in oppose to some different protocols.

That is how TRON TRX uses PoS, or Proof of Stake protocol, which allows its network to surpass the issues mentioned above. Further, in the spirit of constant technological development, TRX team is planning on implementing a different protocol to replace the current one, which is known as TPoS.

This protocol should work in a way of preventing fault transactions and system bugs during the processing of initial payments. The system would work by making sure that any transaction that comes into a problem of any sort will be automatically transferred to a different node, that way allowing the transaction to be validated and marked as complete.

That being said, the only thing that needs to be done in order to become a part of this plan, named as Super Representative, is to apply to become a “powering node” for TRON’s new and improved main net that should be launched in a near future after the testing of the test net is completed.

If it is to believe the predictions, this plan should sky-rocket TRON, and push its value in the market up towards dizzily surging.

TRON and the Market

Our favorite cryptos seemed to have been going through a pretty rough time during the period of a pretty destructive market dip, which was realistically the thing creating chaos among crypto enthusiasts. However, after the eight-week-long market crash was slowly showing signs of slowly diminishing just to make room for increases, many currencies started to show signs of bouncing off.

TRON TRX is respectfully one of such currencies because although this currency is still far from its record price, it is still doing pretty well in the market with showcasing an increased level of liquidity.

After the most recent change in the market, TRON has risen above the dollar going up for nearly 7% against this fiat value. In addition to this positive change in its price and the increasing trading volume, TRX is also rising up against BTC and ETH, which means that TRX is doing more than well in oppose to these currencies.

That means that TRX can currently be purchased at the rate of 0.045$ per one unit, which is still far from its all-time high as recorded back at the beginning of January. With the beginning of 2018, which started with a prediction of being THE year for cryptocurrencies, TRON TRX started off strong with reaching its record price of around 0.25$ per one unit at the time.


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