4 reasons why XinFin (XDC) could do X100 in 2018

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XinFin is one of the most interesting projects in the market at the moment. Based in Singapore, this blockchain projects is focused on global trade and Finance, and wants to eliminate inefficiencies in all aspects of trade.  Here’s is why you should be looking to invest in this project this year.

  1. It is a hybrid blockchain

Anyone who has been into crypto long enough knows that hybrid blockchains are the future. That’s because they make sense to corporations, and that’s where adoption is lacking at the moment. Hybrid blockchains are scalable, and offer corporations the data privacy they need for them to adopt blockchain technology. That’s why a hybrid project like XinFin is guaranteed to get adopted faster than public blockchains, once people get to know about it. Signs of XinFin mass adoption are already there; with Ramco systems, a world renowned corporation, building blockchain solutions for its over 500 clients on the XinFin hybrid blockchain. Once more companies follow join, and they are coming, expect XinFin (XDC) to moon.

  1. It has been featured on major publications

Cryptocurrencies always respond positively to mainstream news. To validate this, you just need to look at Bitcoin’s price after a series of negative highlights in the mainstream media in the last few months. Now imagine how big of a deal it is, when a relatively new project like XinFin gets featured on major news outlets like BBC Business and Reuters. That’s a big deal, right? Well, XinFin (XDC) has been featured in over ten major publications across the world. That’s an indication that there is something fundamentally sound about this project. Naturally, this validation by the MSM will give XinFin (XDC) a boost to grow faster, than lesser known blockchain projects that are flooding the market every day.

  1. It’s already listed on multiple exchanges

The exchanges that a cryptocurrency is listed on, are always a good indicator of its trading volumes. That’s why we always see massive pumps whenever a coin is added to a new exchange. Now imagine investing in a new project that is already listed on more than five exchanges? That’s a gem, right? Well, that’s exactly what you get by investing in XinFin (XDC). XinFin is already listed on six exchanges including ForkDelta, and many more are in the pipeline. As trading volumes increase on these exchanges, you can expect the value of XinFin (XDC) to keep growing in 2018 and beyond.

  1. Its beta version is live

There are many overhyped projects out there that don’t even have a beta version, yet they have made massive price gains. Now compare that to an exciting project like XinFin (XDC) that has a working product. The XinFin beta version was launched during an Indian blockchain summit, and is live!  In the beta version, enterprises can use it for different functions including keeping land records, instant cross border payments among others.  That’s a positive indicator to the long-term value of this project. It shows how serious the developer team is, in making this project work.

At its current price of around 0.00356484, this is one of those projects that could easily hit a dollar very soon, and make early investors extremely wealthy.



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