Here Is Where You Can Spend your Litecoin (LTC)

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Litecoin (LTC) is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in the market, basically launched to address all the issues that Bitcoin has. So, it can be said that Litecoin is actually an improved Bitcoin in the sense of technological modifications. Besides from making up for a more progressive coin in oppose to BTC, Litecoin is also getting more on its popularity these days as this coin is getting more accepted as a payment method. This is also one of the reasons for having LTC trading in the green while experiencing increases. Moreover, we’ve gone ahead with listing out the best places where you can spend your Litecoin units in case you have some in your wallet.

Shop in a New York-based Gift Store with Litecoin

In case you are looking to shop for some gifts and you have some Litecoin (LTC) you can spend, you will probably be thrilled to know that you can use Litecoin for shopping on eGifter. This is a gift shop based in New York available for online shopping. Recently, eGifter has partnered up with GoCoin to enable payments with Litecoin and Bitcoin, allowing their users to use LTC and BTC as payment methods while shopping on their site. It is further stated that this shop decided to take this move as many shops have recorded increases in sales since they allowed paying for goods with Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Buy a Car with Litecoin

AS much as this may sound unbelievable, you can actually buy a car with using Litecoin as your currency of choice. Naturally, not all car vendors will accept Litecoin, but in case you are planning on investing in a car while having some spare Litecoin units in your wallet, you will be glad to know that Benz and Beamer accept Litecoin as a valid currency. Benz and Beamer use GoCoin and that is precisely why they are able to easily complete the payment process involving LTC.

Pay for IT services with Litecoin

Ellen is another one of great shops and places where you can actually spend your Litecoin units in exchange for services and products. In case you are in need of IT services, you can pay for these services with Litecoin at Ellenet, which is an Australian-based IT service provider. The Australian IT company partnered up with Petabit Pty Ltd. And given the fact that Petabit is working with Bitcoin and Litecoin coins, this partnership has allowed Ellenet to receive payments in form of Litecoin.

Mining Hardware in exchange for Litecoin

Every good miner knows you need a decent mining hardware in order to be able to mine cryptocurrencies. Well, at least most of them. KnCMiner is a company dealing with mining hardware, so they made sure that miners are able to purchase mining hardware for mining BTC and LTC by paying with Litecoin units. Seems like a perfect match, right? Not a bad marketing strategy either.

Make Donations with Litecoin

In case you have hears of Sean’s Outpost, you know that this is actually a non-profit organization that receives donations and provides food for homeless people, so their work is focused on those without a home and those in grave need. As great supporters of Satoshi community, Sean’s Outpost and their representatives along with all the people involved in the program of helping homeless believe that they can raise awareness about this targeted group by implementing Bitcoin and Litecoin as some of the available payment methods. That means that you can now use Litecoin to support the cause of Sean’s Outpost.

It is more than likely that the growing number of shops and spots where you can spend your Litecoin will expand over the time. We can already see a huge impact that cryptocurrencies have left on us during the several past years. It is then natural to suppose that the next step for these digital assets is to make them spendable in “real world”.

Litecoin and the Market

After the latest change in the market, Litecoin (LTC) started to gain along with many other cryptocurrencies while trading in the green. With the latest rise in its price, LTC marked a decrease of 6.48%.

In addition to this gain, LTC has shown a slight improvement against BTC, which means that Litecoin is doing slightly better in the market. LTC is trading in the green against BTC after the latest rise of 0.97%.

Litecoin showed its best in December of 2017 when this currency marked a record price of 313$ per one LTC unit. While still trading 50% down in oppose to its all-time high, it is expected to see Litecoin LTC rebounding hard as it is being accepted as a “real life” spendable asset.

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