EOS (EOS) Gets Listed on another Exchange While Obtaining Scalability

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EOS as of recent events has moved up from its original ranking where it was ranked as the sixth-best currency, only to take the place of one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in the market – Litecoin. That being said, EOS is now respectfully ranked as number 5 on the global coin ranking list, thanks to the increase of its market cap, which made it move up to the 5th spot in the first place. In addition to having its market capitalization significantly increased, EOS has also released a new version of Dawn, called Dawn 3.0, which is also one of the reasons for having EOS experiencing benevolent currents of the recovering market. Let’s see what EOS has been up to these days and what the new listing can do for this currency.

EOS Gets Listed on a New Exchange

Having as many listings as possible is what makes one coin more visible and more accessible in the eyes of investors, which is what every dev team is aiming at – to sky-rocket their coin while searching for stability and scalability, which is what EOS is all about.

Precisely for the sake of stability, EOS dev team has stated that they took more time than they might need for preparing EOS to become a highly scalable coin, so it would be able to acquire a dose of stability in the market without the struggle that many ICOs has to go through. That is how they took an entire year for making their project more scalable with Dawn 3.0 backing up the story of general scalability with new features that became enabled with the improvement of their system.

Moreover, the team has implemented inter-blockchain communication, which is a major step for EOS. By implementing this addition to their system, EOS team wanted to make sure that a user working on processing transactions doesn’t have to process the entire block in order to verify the given transaction.

In addition to launching Dawn 3.0, which in every way makes EOS system more superior for blockchain operations and thus more attractive to investors, this ERC20 type token got listed on another exchange.

Having a coin listed on an exchange is always good news, as the listed coin gets more interesting in addition to becoming more visible to investors and holders, which means that the listed coin may consequently show amazing rises in its price.

The same thing happened for EOS when this currency got listed on an Indian-based exchange market called Zebpay. EOS will of today on April 17th become available for live trading, exchanging, with the ability to also send and receive EOS tokens via Zebpay platform.

Zebpay has also listed Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin while being available on Android and iOS operative systems. The most recent update for these operating systems was released in January of the current year.

What also makes Zebpay a very attractive exchange platform is the fact that this exchange has some of the lowest fees on the market, which makes it preferred among exchanges with too high fees, making each fee only 0.1% for all currencies available for live trading on Zebpay.

This might be a pretty good strategic move, because given the fact that the fees are pretty low when compared to the fees you get on the majority of exchanges, investors, especially “small time”  investors can make up their mind for purchasing EOS on Zebpay rather than going for a different exchange market.

This case might be one of the reasons EOS has been doing so well since the end of March 2018 when the massive market crash finally came to an end, which makes listing on Zebpay a great strategic move for this token.

EOS and the Market

Although February and March were pretty rough on EOS while pushing this currency down for a long time of trading in the red, EOS has finally seen the light in the current month.

With Dawn 3.0 being released with a nice addition of having EOS listed on another exchange, this token seems to be doing pretty well in the market for some time now.

After the latest change in the market, EOS is trading in the green with the latest increase of 6.03% against the dollar.

EOS is also trading in the green against BTC and ETH, which means that this token is doing better than Ethereum and Bitcoin when it comes to the pace of growth acquired in the market. That leads us to a conclusion that EOS has indeed acquired a flattering level of scalability.

At the current moment, EOS can be bought at the price of 8.57$ per one token, which is “halfway” to its all-time high of around 18$ as recorded back in mid-January.



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