D-Day Is Here for Verge (XVG): XVG Users to Unveil More than a Mystery Partnership

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The D-day is here and we finally have the answer! Verge (XVG), as we all remember very well, had an amazingly successful first crowdfunding campaign ever. On this occasion, the team behind XVG asked for donations that totaled the amount of 75 million XVG in order to bring XVG to the next operative level. Furthermore, the team has stated that due to a successful campaign and the collected amount of XVG, they will reveal a mystery partnership that became unlocked with the closing of the crowdfunding, and even before as the team collected the needed amount even before the campaign was over. The announced date for the revelation of the mystery partnership that should sky-rocket Verge is set for April 17th, which is today! So, let’s see exclusively who is behind the mystery partnership and how will this partnership affect further development of Verge.

The Road of Verge: From Small Movement to Great Opportunities

One of the core team members of Verge, an official web developer named Stan Faas, addressed the public after the original tweet posted by the XVG team where the team reminded their followers that the countdown is still in progress with only 14 hours left until the announcement, with the ability to follow up with the live countdown until the mystery partnership is revealed.

During his statement, published on Medium, Faas took the liberty of reminding all followers and XVG enthusiast that Verge started off as a pretty humble project with small proportions, but it soon came to a point where the team behind this currency could clearly claim that they have made an exceptional progress while learning from their mistakes and success along the way. As Faas reminded us, Verge is still planning on achieving their major goal, which is to respectfully allow their users to share personal information with maximal security, that way revolutionizing the way personal information is currently being shared and kept.

Further, in his statement, the core member of XVG added that the mystery partner is going to help them achieve what they have planned for Verge and further development of the technology they are using.

Verge and the Mystery Partnership

Before we reveal who is behind the mystery partnership, we feel like it is very important to stress out the importance of this long-awaited partnership. For starters, the mystery partner will most certainly enable Verge to become a part of a massive currency adoption, which in the words of Verge team, would be the biggest mass adoption of a currency in the entire digital asset industry.

This is the case due to the fact that this partner has the biggest payment processor on the internet while supporting hundreds and hundreds of businesses that are using their processor to avoid jammed traffic that often occurs during processing payments in a traditional way that is generally used. Due to this partnership, which is so far the biggest partnership that Verge has acquired since the time it was issued, will promote Verge leading it towards leading it to the mass adoption throughout the year.

That is why the first step towards acquiring this important partnership was to collect 75 million XVG, which the team managed to collect in only 5 days. The collected amount served the purpose of paying for joining the payment processor, as well as arranging a global marketing campaign, hardware integration of Ledger and Nano, press release and news coverage, as well as everything related to the new campaign Verge will be stepping into pretty soon.

Since you have been waiting for weeks to find out who is hiding behind the mystery partnership, it’s time for a surprise. A big one.

Although there were different speculations on whom the mystery partner could be, including all major digital asset-oriented companies, the truth has revealed that the new partner is Pornhub.

That’s right – Verge partnered up with the biggest adult entertainment network that over everything values the privacy the most and it is not too hard to guess why. So, it seems that the mystery partnership is not the only thing that would be unveiled as XVG users will now be able to use XVG on Pornhub for unveiling much more, including Pornhub’s VR and other newly added programs.

Didn’t see that coming?

Verge and the Market

It seems that Verge is doing more than well in the market as the mystery partnership has finally come to the day of big revelation. The hy6pe is real, so XVG is climbing up while having amazing rises in its price.

Furthermore, Verge has gone up to 17.75% against the dollar, while this currency is also trading in the green when compared to BTC. Verge has thus gone up against BTC as well, marking gains of nearly 16% against Bitcoin.

The record price of XVG was marked at the end of December of 2017 when Verge could be purchased at the price of 0.23$, while this digital asset can be currently purchased at the price of 0.096$ per one unit. We can easily see Verge sky-rocketing towards and beyond its all-time high in the following months. For this given opportunity, the team has to thank all supporters, holders, and investors, while strongly relying on their newly acquired partnership.


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