OneRoot Network (RNT): Advocating for New Age Economy while Trading in the Green

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OneRoot Network (RNT) is a rather new coin that was launched back in December of 2017, which makes it still pretty young in the world of cryptocurrencies. However, RNT seems to be doing more than well for a brand new coin, so naturally, it came under the spotlight calling to be analyzed and observed from up close. Standing for traceability, transparency, and immutability as this currency is described on OneRoot Network’s official website; RNT seems to be another potentially promising investment, also making up for a fine technological addition to the world of decentralized assets.

What OneRoot Network Stands for?

As described on RNT’s official ICO launch, as hosted on ICO bench, OneRoot Network (RNT) has an objective of contributing to the decentralized community by creating a decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem with creating a value for their digital asset, RNT. In this ecosystem, all users would be able to contribute to the network by performing different operations allowed by the implemented features.

But, what makes RNT stands out from the crowd of different ICOs?

Every other coin has the objective of creating an ecosystem that will help the revolution we are witnessing in the terms of changing the way the economy works, which is occurring slowly but steadily with the expansion of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

To support this story and contribute to changing the face of the modern economy, OneRoot Network has several programs that might help this currency stand out from other currencies, that way becoming a more desirable object for making investments.

One of the programs that they are preparing for their users is related to analyzing cryptocurrencies. That means that RNT is planning on creating an analysis center that would allow users to analyze cryptos while being able to use the features that would allow them to observe the crypto market from different angles.

The team behind RNT is also planning on enabling token issuance, which means that the OneRoot Network would accept new tokens on its blockchain system. In addition to enabling the issuance of tokens, the team is also planning on allowing crowdfunding campaigns in form of investment centers where investors would be able to fund different projects in its early stage of development.

Maybe one of the most important OneRoot is working on, in the long run, is Blockchain incubator where experts in this field would be able to connect and work together on improving the blockchain technology and everything related to decentralization and the expansion of digital assets.

However, what investors might find as the most interesting program is the work of the team on providing solutions for achieving liquidity. With this program, they are planning on creating a more stable, more predictable digital asset with the ability to embrace high levels of liquidity.

With this program, the team behind OneRoot is aiming at creating a more stable ecosystem for crypto values where losses would get cut in the roots and where costs and risk involved would be brought to the minimum. These solutions should provide a suitable ecosystem that would make up for a fruitful soil for acquiring liquidity.

To conclude the story about RNT, this digital asset is actually aiming at reshaping the way data and different values are being operated with, that way contributing to the growth of decentralization and blockchain-based ecosystems.

OneRoot Network (RNT) and the Market

Although a great portion of cryptos is currently going down in the market while trading in the red, OneRoot Network, although still considered a new currency, is trading in the green.

Respectfully, this digital asset experienced a benevolent increase in its price, marking a rise of an amazing 15.95% against the dollar, which means that RNT is trending up with an increased volume in the last 24 hours.

In addition to rising against the dollar, RNT is also trading in the green in oppose to ETH and BTC, which means that RNT is currently doing better as far as the trading volume concerned.

In the last 24 hours, OneRoot (RNT) has gone up to 19.78% against BTC, while rising up against ETH for 19.98%.

At the current moment, OneRoot can be bought at the price of 0.058$, which makes up for a pretty solid bulk investment. This currency marked its all-time high price on January 25th, only a month after it was launched. At this time, RNT was traded at the price of 0.13$.

Since then, due to a harsh market crash, RNT has lost around 50% of its market cap, but since OneRoot (RNT) has recently shown some major increases in its price, it is expected to see it back to its record value in case it continues with the same pace of growth.


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