AirSwap (AST): A must have Crypto Swap Tool

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There are many digital coins out there and deciding on the right one is a tough nut to crack. However, when you know what you are looking for is easy. It is about which one will take off and AirSwap (AST) is one of the most promising coins of the time. I have been following this coin and there is a huge potential behind it.

You might not know the AST value without doing an in-depth analysis. Adoption by companies of repute and the value proposition in real life are some of the facts that you cannot ignore. Merchants and general users play a vital role in making or breaking a digital coin performance. AirSwap is poised to disrupt the traditional business model systems.

What is AirSwap (AST)?

Simply put, AirSwap seeks to make ERC20 digital currency and asset transactions free. However, the system will deploy the Swap protocol. The application runs on the Ethereum smart contracts to settle orders. All other value added features are run on the AirSwap App without the support of Ethereum. It is an innovative exchange that connects traders in an off-chain set up.

As a decentralized platform, AirSwap will give the OmiseGo plasma a run for their money in terms of speed. It system information cannot be changed by third parties. Other standard exchange takes about 15 seconds to reach a consensus but AirSwap cuts the duration by half.

How Does the AirSwap (AST) Token Work?

The AirSwap system provides market liquidity. The AST coin is designed with the expert market marker in mind. The AirSwap DEX helps traders to convert different virtual coins at an ideal price. This way loses are taken care of and the trader gains from trades.

As a marker in he market, you set the bid price for a digital asset, the price that you want to is the ask price however, you can only make your profits from the spread or simply the distinction between the “bidding” price and “asking” price. This is an ideal platform for traders that are focused in maximizing profits in the digital currency trades.

As an AirSwap user, you become a liquidity provider. You show the intent to trade as long as you have a minimum of 100 AST tokens; an amount that is locked in the system for 7 days. With these tokens, you have 10 trade signals but this is not fixed since the lock durations can be determined by traders through a consensus.

AirSwap (AST) Market performance

With the ballooning number of adopters providing liquidity on AirSwap network, the AST coin continues to attract a lot of interest. More partners are already helping the project by injecting more value to the coin. Currently, the coin is trading at $0.443184 after gaining 19.11% to the dollar in the last twenty four hours.

AirSwap hit a high on $2 in January and seems to be repositioning itself to go past the $1 resistance by the end of July. With the increased demand from traders for a P2P secure transactions, the platform seems to be their natural choice. Borrowing a lot from IOTA, AirSwap is going through a market correction and will soon gain traction.

Is AirSwap (AST) a Good Investment?

Well, a good investment is the one that addresses real life problems with the future in mind. There are many digital currency traders and using a platform that helps them to be liquidity partners is a good step for the ecosystem.

With a price under $1, AST is a good bet at the moment. Cryptocurrencies are investment risks and you can only invest what you are ready t0 lose. However, with a lot of awareness around the market, AirSwap and its concept offers the trade tools. This is a platform that will add value to your trades in the very near future and need to consider staking on.


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