All the Reasons for HODLing onto NEO (NEO)

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NEO, as of the current case ranked as the ninth-best currency according to the global coin ranking list, started to drop in the last 24 hours despite a generally solid performance it had only hours before. This is not an abnormal case since it is the fact that the majority of currencies started to embrace new waves of drops, however, luckily, there are no radical changes in the market. NEO has seen some downfalls during the market crash that latest for weeks and now we can see it again dropping for almost -6% against the dollar. However, what NEO has installed for the remaining months of 2018 might help it get back on the right path once again.

NEO and Upbit

Upbit is one of the biggest exchanges in the world, also making it the biggest exchange platform in South Korea. That being said, having NEO directly related to this exchange is a big deal for this coin especially with the news that Upbit will start distributing GAS, which is NEO’s token, to the HODLers with NEO units. The distribution should occur every Friday once Upbit starts with distributing GAS and should go on with a specially determined equation to fit the needs of distribution through this platform.

Given the fact that NEO has been going through a rough patch, especially for the last couple of months, it seems that the faith of investors that NEO is a currency to HODL onto is slowly diminishing.

However, NEO has more than a single reason to stick around the top cryptos since this currency is pretty solidly established in Asia, given the fact that NEO is known as China’s Ethereum. It is more than certain that Upbit could potentially push the value of NEO once GAS tokens started with distribution on this exchange, also potentially assuring investors that NEO is, despite minor issues in the market, a solid coin to hold onto. It is predicted that NEO will reach its potential approximately within five years when it is expected that this currency will be worth a lot more than it is valued now.

NEO and ICOs

NEO, just like its unofficial opposition Ethereum, accepts ICOs, which means that coins and tokens of different sources and coming from different teams can be hosted on NEO’s platform and on top of its chain.

The coins being hosted on NEO can be used and traded with and this platform gained its popularity precisely for the open protocol it has integrated into the system, with the special purpose of launching initial coin offerings. While NEO is already a home of Asura coin that is said to be having its own airdrop in May 2018, since Asura is related to sport betting with NEO having a perfect voting protocol that would allow Asura to perform an airdrop that is expected in May, it is also expected that NEO will benefit from this occasion as well.

In addition to accepting Asura coin on its ledger, NEO platform has also accepted is NEX, which is expected to modify and improve interaction by using template codes. NEX should have its token sale as announced on April 28th and will be available for usage on NEO platform.

These two currencies accepted on NEO network will most probably push the value of this currency during the planned airdrop and the mentioned token sale of NEX altcoins, that is in general opinion of many crypto enthusiasts, directly related to NEO.

NeoCompiler Eco v1.0

The team behind NEO started to work on NeoCompiler back in 2017 when the development of this protocol that is more than crucial for the improved functioning of NEO smart contracts. As you know, just like on Ethereum, you can use smart contracts for creating decentralized applications on NEO network as well.

With NeoCompiler, users can now contribute to the community and create decentralized apps with NEO smart contracts even though the developers working on these Dapps come from different backgrounds in addition to using different programming languages.

Thanks to NeoCompiler, as a developer you don’t need to work only with a language chosen by a platform you are working on (like it is the case that some platforms with smart contracts allow solely the use of JavaScript). With this protocol, all developers are using the same environment, but are allowed to work on smart contracts in two different programming languages. All developers participating in the project will be able to use Python or C#.

NEO and the Market

Although NEO was having a great day in the market yesterday, going towards 70$ per one unit, we see this currency dropping today by -5.98% against the dollar, which means that you can buy NEO for 62.65$ per one unit.

Given the fact that NEO is working on general technical improvements as well as accepting new coin offerings that could potentially benefit NEO, this currency makes up for a definite must-hold.


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