4 Reasons that Show Ripple (XRP) is still Undervalued

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Ripple XRP is maybe one of the most trending currencies these days as XRP pops up every now and then, which in reality is not a bad thing at all – popularity is what keeps investors coming and sticking with the certain coin in the long run.

Although Ripple has shown some astonishing results in the past as well as in the first quarter of 2018, many have still reasons to believe that Ripple is still a deeply undervalued coin that most probably deserves more respect than it is currently received. Let’s see what are the reasons to believe that Ripple XRP, despite all success on its roadmap, is still considered to be undervalued.

Ripple and Banking Systems

Blockchain technology had another form of appreciation once one of the major Spanish banks announced that its users will be able to use blockchain technology for their transactions in form of the new service protocol for payments this bank will be offering to their customers.

Santander, an online banking solution has been testing the blockchain technology for fast transactions that can only be done in a blockchain-based environment. Santander on this occasion included its staff members for testing, allowing the Spanish bank to be able to provide this service to their users, that way enabling this bank to go live with the system among a couple of other giant banking institutions. Santander went on with launching a specially designed a blockchain-based service that will most likely thrive with processing global payments in oppose to the more traditional way of making international transactions.

Ripple is already being tested (successfully) by more than several banks and banking institutions worldwide, so it can be easily concluded that the technology driving Ripple XRP will soon find a mass use in the world of finances and fast global payments that can be done in a matter of seconds.

However, these banking institutions are not interested in XRP as a currency – they are only interested in the way Ripple is able to perform fast and secure transactions on a global level.

Ripple and MoneyGram

Once Ripple announced its partnership with MoneyGram, which is one of the biggest and most famous payments services for global transactions in the world, Ripple could enjoy a wave of the rise in its price due to the positive news.

However, MoneyGram is not interested in Ripple as a currency, so the partnership was sealed thanks to the Ripple’s service xRapid. Given the fact that MoneyGram is cooperating with Wal-Mart, which is one of the biggest store chains in the US, where Wal-Mart is offering a service of sending payments, it is thought that Ripple will also have an intake in the story of Wal-Mart’s payment service. This is just another drop in the sea of success that ought to sky-rocket XRP to the new heights, but although XRP is working hard on getting its technology out there in “the real world”, Ripple is still unfairly appreciated. However, in case that Ripple would be able to get an unreserved support of Wal-Mart, XRP would probably get at least a portion of the appreciation it deserves.

Is Apple Pairing up with Ripple?

Maybe one of the best news for Ripple is that Apple, one of the greatest tech corporate in the world, has decided to implement Ripple’s Interledger protocol into Apple Pay. This is the fact since Ripple has the technology that enables fast and secure transactions, which is what people are going for now (who wants to wait to get paid for days when you can receive your money in a couple of seconds?). The renewed system will soon be available for all Mac users while as well as for iPhone users.

With the integration of Interledger protocol, there is a possibility that Apple Pay will soon decide to accept cryptocurrencies, which would be a massive success for all cryptos, not only XRP.

Ripple and SBI Holdings

Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao is one of the most respectful figures in Japan in the world of banking as he represents the head of consortium of over 60 banking institutions in Japan, also being the CEO of SBI Holdings. What does this respectful gentleman have to do with Ripple XRP?

Well, Kitao tweeted about believing that Ripple will reach the price of 10$ per one unit by the end of 2018.

That is how SBI Holdings decided to break the partnership with Huobi in the decision to go for much safer and secure choice for high-level overseas operations. That is how Ripple came into the picture.

As Ripple’s popularity in Japan is growing, SBI holdings decided to give XRP a chance in the growing exchange they are preparing. Further on this matter, Kitao stated that Ripple is on its way of setting a high standard for cryptocurrencies around the globe.

Hopefully, these partnerships and general acceptance of Ripple among the banking institutions will put more value on XVG in the market while launching this crypto to the status of everyday necessity.

Ripple is already showing signs of progress in the market as it is dealing at the price of 0.64$ per one unit after the latest increase of 6.40$ per one Ripple XRP.


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