Waiting for April 17th with Verge (XVG)

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We all remember the crowdfunding campaign that Verge (XVG) started at the end of March 2018. With the tweet they posted back then, the team behind XVG called out to the public, especially stressing out that they need the support of XVG community so they would be able to raise 75 million XVG. And, as we all remember, they have succeeded in this goal, reaching the 75 million XVG even before the end of the crowdfunding. There was also a lot of hype regarding this campaign, so everyone was waiting to find out who is behind the mystery partnership that was promised in case the goal was reached. The goal is reached and we are getting close to the date of unfolding this mystery.

Verge and the Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding organized by Verge (XVG) started off at the end of March with the goal of raising 75 million VXG during the campaign. The team managed to collect the set goal even before the end of the crowdfunding, but investors kept participating in the campaign, providing the team with even more than the goal they initially stated to be a necessity.

In return for the dedication of investors and users, Verge team promised to reveal a mystery partnership that would only be sealed in case the initial goal is succeeded. They have collected the fund they needed for acquiring a mystery partner, so the team behind Verge promised that the revealing of the mystery partnership will occur on April 17th, which is only a couple of days away.

The atmosphere among XVG users and investors is clearly seen as the tension behind the mystery partnership also seems to be pushing Verge up in addition to having XVG pushed a couple of weeks ago when the crowdfunding started with the funding goal being reached before the campaign needed.

Verge has addressed the public and all its followers via the official Verge Twitter profile, where the representative team announced that they are eager to see the mystery partnership finally unveiled in the eyes of the public and the faithful investors who were in the first place responsible for XVG having more than a successful campaign.

Are Verge and TokenPay a Thing?

As the date when the mystery partnership will be revealed is slowly unfolding, many people went on with guessing probably eager to come to the bottom of the mystery XVG has brought before the public. That is how the guessing of who could be behind the mystery partnership, begun.

Many people than determined, and even claimed with certainty that Verge (XVG) will actually be partnering up with TokenPay, which soon become a generally accepted prediction. That is how the majority of interested investors and crypto enthusiast are convinced that the mystery partner being revealed on April 17th would actually be TokenPay.

However, with the recent tweet announcement, posted from the official Twitter account of Derek Capo (@derekcapo), we were able to find out that TokenPay is actually not the mysterious partner everyone was talking about.

While XVG didn’t mind observing followers blowing guesses about the partnership that will soon be revealed, Derek Capo, CEO of TokenPay, publically announced that although there are a lot of speculative opinions that TokenPay is actually behind the mystery partnership, Capo further stated that TokenPay is NOT behind the mystery partnership.

Further in the statement, Capo added that they are still planning on implementing XVG in many different projects they are working on. Capo concluded that crypto community needs to stick together as more partnerships mean more accepted currency and more appreciated crypto technology.

Verge also tweeted about the upcoming Tuesday, stating that they are eager of finally unfolding the promised mystery partnership. It was further stated that the money collected through the crowdfunding campaign is being used in ledger nano integration as well as being used to create a payment gateway that would fit their partner’s needs.

Verge and the Market

Thanks to the crowdfunding campaign, Verge XVG was rising while trading in the green even when the majority of currencies went down due to a still shaky market that remained as a result after the major market crash that lasted for days.

After the most recent change in the market, XVG is trading in the green against the dollar with the latest increase of 2.72% against the dollar. However, XVG is going down against BTC for -2.43%, which means that BTC is doing slightly better in the market at the current moment.

With the latest increase of 2.72% against the dollar, Verge (XVG) can be traded for 0.094$ per one unit, which is pretty close to its all-time high of 0.15$ as marked in January.



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