Tron (TRX) – A $2 billion reward pool and many more interesting news

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Tron TRX continues to make waves through its positive news announcements. It’s now taking things to the next level by announcing a $2 billion reward pool for developers. Yap, you got that right, two billion dollars!  This reward pool code-named Project Genesis will see developers partake in the development of the following: Github plan, Bug-bounty, Tron Loan among others interesting aspects of Tron.

So what impact will this have on Tron? Well, for starters, Tron is likely to attract the best blockchain brains to its developer team. And we all know what this means that? These projects will probably be completed before their expected dates, and the market will be excited about it.

Besides, this reward is probably one of the largest in the crypto market so far. No other crypto has had a reward pool as large as what Tron is offering. This is sending the message that whatever the developer team is working on is huge, and is disruptive. As such, investors will be waiting for the completion of these projects with baited breath, and once they are completed, the value of Tron (TRX) will head to the moon.

But that’s not the only good news that is coming Tron’s way today. Earlier in the day, there was a tweet by indicating that they will be supporting TRX in creating global blockchain entertainment. This is a big deal because the success of blockchain based entertainment is premised on content. The more the content, the better it is for blockchain entertainment projects like Tron.

On this front, is one of the blockchain projects that have the capacity to provide the content needed to keep the TRX machine moving, and growing in value.  This is a sure bet to the future growth of Tron as it matures into the go-to platform for the global entertainment industry.

You are probably wondering, how is the market responding to all these news? Well, Tron never disappoints when it comes responding well to the news. It is already up over 10% in intraday trades. Volumes too have surged indicating that there is a strong investor interest in the crypto at the moment.

The future of Tron (TRX) is definitely bright. If the current projects are completed within their set deadlines, then TRX hitting $1 in 2018 would be within the realms of possibility.  In fact, it could even happen in coming weeks, considering that the Tron main net is around the corner. Then there is the fact that the Bull Run is back in the crypto market. The current market trend will drive in new money in TRX, triggering a chain reaction when you factor in Tron’s fundamentals.

For a smart investor, this is definitely the best time to get into Tron. It is still undervalued, going by everything that it has going on the in the market. Tron TRX also has the advantage of having one of the most active communities in crypto, a community that will play a role in driving up the hype, as these projects come to fruition.


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