Bitmark (BTM) Pink Mark: A Small Crypto with Big Dreams

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If you have been keeping track of the cryptocurrency market, you will realize small Altcoins are becoming popular than the mainstream ones. Bitmark (BTM) is one of the small coins by market capitalization that are value for your money. This is a small digital coin you can invest in based on its potential in real world applicability.

Technically, the coin has been doing well in the charts, the basis on which I recommend it. The BTM coin is set to breakout given the increased volumes through Poloniex exchange.  In the markets, the coin has been able to test a high of $3.39. So, what is Bitmark (BTM) all about?

What is Bitmark (BTM) and how does it Work?

Many companies across the globe are known to tamper with products or services to get additional reputation. To protect the consumer from getting substandard products or services, Bitmark help in ensuring products and services gain the reputation the consumer deserves. This is achieved through a process called “marking”.

As a customer, you will be able to know quality of all products and services affiliated to the Bitmark network. Each product or service that passes their quality test will have a pink mark or stain, an indication trust and quality. The project is still in its beta stages but the goal is to create global system that allows consumers to choose quality based on product or service reputation.

Each country in the world has a body that regulated service and product reputation but Bitmark is going global. This ensure increased cross-border trade and consumers will only choose trusted products through a positive reputation guaranteed by a blockchain based ecosystem that cannot be manipulated.

Why should you invest in Bitmark (BTM)?

Most stores and companies survive on customer reviews. If your products are new in the market and have not been reviewed, making sales is hard. With Bitmark, your product or service has a “digital Passport”. This is the ID your product carries. This is the best way to turn adorers into consumers by just interacting with what you are offering in the market.

The price of BTM is at its lowest and you can forgo a few meals and drinks a week and invest for your future. The developer team meeting that comes every 6 months is set to come up with some good news. However, the price of BTM at the time of writing stands at $0.517878 with noticeable gains of 11.70% against the dollar.

The Bitmark (BTM) market cap also looks healthy at $4.4million compared to $3.5million 7 days ago. A total of $138,707 worth of BTM have changed hands in the last 24 hours with Poloniex pushing 34.95% followed bet Trade by Trade at 29.98%.

By getting listed on Poloniex, BTM potential is being exposed to the entire world. However, it should be noted that the exchange de-lists non performing coins and BTM has earned the platforms confidence just a few days after going live.

Key Bitmark Features to watch

Bitmark (BTM) has some innovative features that set it apart from the competition. These are user friendly but importantly help the consumer get the best reputable product and services in the marketplace. First, the system uses DGWv3 algorithm for the platforms stability.

Secondly, it provides users with an API for the purposes of marking, as a partner, you can deploy this API to your system and within hours start “marking”. The API is scalable and can be expanded for both marking and micro-payment procession.

Not all reputation “Markings” are positive and the application has a negative “marking feature that applies to products and services that the consumers are not comfortable with. All the data is linked to web browsers to increase integration and adoption from the masses.


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