Why Is Dash (DASH) the Most Sought after Coin Globally Today

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When people invest in cryptocurrencies, some do it for fun, others just sit back to see what happens while there are those who truly believe in the coin or token. Dash (DASH) holders have been with the coin from day one. They have stuck with the coin and are proud to own a crypto that is in the $1 billion club by market capitalization.

The good thing about Dash, compared to other coins, is it does not just do what other coins do, it does it better. Simply put, you do not have to swim against the tide while you can hike a speed-boat. Many Altcoins are still in the “claim” stage while Dash is in the “Action” phase.

Why the Dash (DASH) Popularity?

Since it started its operations in January 2014, speed has always been the driving force. Transaction speeds have always been an issue with older coins. Their systems are taking too long to factor in speed as a factor that users are looking for. Now Dash combines speed and anonymity beating Bitcoin hands down.

Dash is user focused but takes care of the user needs ten years from now. This is clear from its search for identity. Originally, the coin was XCoin, then became the Darkcoin before it settled on a more global and yet descriptive name; Dash. Shedding the X and Dark connotation gave birth to a global brand. Dash is an acronym for digital and cash

With dashing speed from day one, Dash has become a household name.  When the digital coin was launched, 10 % of 22million mineable coins were mined by day two. With not so many Altcoins in the market then, Bitcoin was the only point of reference and their snail speed gave the blockchain way.

What makes Dash (DASH) Stand out?

Features are what everyone is looking for in a coin of the future. Any cryptocurrency enthusiast looks at how long transactions take to complete. For dash, t is real time under their brand feature InstantSend. This is closely backed up by PrivateSend, a complete anonymity to the best blockchain standards. As an investor, what else can you look for in a digital coin?

These features are designed for the merchants who have been driving the coin to where it is today. Currently, there are more than 400 partners across the globe. To test the coin spend-ability, just hop into Apple App store and purchase using DASH! This is a true decentralized network for all your functional solutions.

You can spend your DASH coins in any affiliate online store across the globe. Your transactions are instant and there are no double spending risks involved; you get for what you pay for. These are some of the simple reasons why the DASH coin stays valuable and stable.

According to dash CEO Ryan Taylor:

“It is a form of digital cash that can be spent online and at merchants and service providers worldwide. Unlike Bitcoin, Dash can be sent and received instantly, with zero risk of double payment or theft, and it boasts tremendous stability in its value”.

Dash (DASH) Holder Comfort Zone

Instant and cheap transactions could be the reason why many users are stuck with Dash and many more are trying to buy the coin. However the current price might deter mass adoption and go for quality and serious investors.

The coin is trading at $307.39 and has managed to scoop a 2.53% against the dollar in the last 24 hours. With over 9 million community supporting Dash (DASH) online, this could soon overtake Bitcoin. The coin is already showing positive signs of recovery and it is about time to buy it; the price can only go up.



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