Cardano (ADA) Breakout is here – Brian Kelly CNBC

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Cardano ADA – With increased growth and usage of cryptocurrencies, consumers are looking at the individual coins and what they are offering. Coins that are offering real world solutions are being preferred. Cardano is one of these coins and its global appeal is becoming a threat to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

According to CNBC, Brian Kelly, the founder BKCM LLC Investment firm, predicts that Cardamom is set to break out. For one, it is the biggest Ethereum competitor; the developer team has all the experience in the blockchain technology and Cardano ADA offer a great risk rewards to investors.

”As digital coins bottom out, the underlying blockchain technology offers surprising risk rewards, last year was all about froth. And the promise of Hey, this guy’s building the new Facebook; I think this year is going to be about building the Cisco’s.”

Brian says 2018 is the year of Ethereum competitors and singles out Cardano (ADA) in terms of infrastructure. The team behind the Cardano blockchain uses the best programing practices that anyone would want to be associated with in the virtual money markets.

Deterring a Cryptocurrency of the Future

With the Cardano platform, you can deploy smart contracts and this must be one of the reasons that the price has been stable for the last two weeks. The ADA coin is trading at $0.174831 after gaining 12.67% against the dollar and 12.97 against BTC. The coin has been positive at least for the second quarter and the trend is poised to hold before it gains an upward momentum.

The current adopters are not looking at the ADA price but the infrastructure in place. This is not the structures of the moment but ones that will give the coin competitive edge in the future. A brief look at Cardano (ADA) historical data, the coins has always performed well in Q2, a trend it has maintained since 2012.

Cardano Price Prediction 2018 to 2020

ADA is billed as the most profitable coin in the market today. The price is set to moon by the end of Q2 and performs even better in Q3 and Q4.  However, If you bought ADA when it was trading at $0.64 on 25th January for $100, you could be slightly ahead as an investor today.

Put the above into perspective, a five year investment plan with ADA can be a positive venture, a good cryptocurrency portfolio that not many digital coins will help you achieve. This is one coin that you do not need to focus on the next one year but five.

What makes Cardano Better than other Cryptocurrencies?

Just like many Altcoins in the market, Cardano is 100% open source decentralized. The only thing that sets it apart from the others is the advanced features. It is built on a scientific approach that no other coin has ever tried and gives the user real life solutions through its two major features; the Ouroboros and Daedalus.

Ouroboros is an innovative mining concept that ensures a secure proof of stake. This system ensures the legitimacy of blocks. The Cardano proof-of-stake has no flaws and has been billed as one of the secure systems in the blockchain world.

The Daedalus wallet is also one of a kind; it has the ability to run stand-alone applications on the Cardano ADA platform. Now that most coins are focused on infrastructures to help the user, this is a multi-platform designed for the ADA coin. It is feature that helps you send and receive ADA coins and allows you to view your transaction history as well.

The future of Cardano ADA is cut out already but:

“I believe Cardano is a great project but marketing tactics aren’t so great; and no means to compare but see other communities like Tron, Verge: nothing compared to ADA but the marketing and hype are superb. Maybe Ada community can learn same, just saying.”


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