Aelf (ELF) is 46% Up and Counting

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Aelf (ELF) has been showing some astonishing results with the latest growth this currency showed in the last 48 hours as ELF started to grow simultaneously with its growing popularity. It is most probably the case that the popularity of ELF started to grow once the team behind this currency decided to start with a candy system that will reward Aelf users for various different tasks, that way enabling users to earn some profit while ELF is trending up in the market and as an online story many crypto enthusiasts are eagerly following up with. Since Aelf is also waiting for the release of its own Main Net, it is no wonder that Aelf has become one of the fastest growing currencies in the last few days.

Aelf (ELF) and the Main Net

It is not a secret that currencies with its own operating main ledger are always as by an unwritten rule more valuable than other coins and tokens, which is especially the case with bigger investors. The reason behind this lies in the fact that automatically currencies with their own platforms have more scalable solutions for their technology also having more chances to get to the top of the crypto market.

Aelf is currently holding a pretty modest place due to its market capitalization, so this currency is ranked as number 47. This is also pretty good news at the same time because only a couple of weeks ago, Aelf was ranked as the 62nd-best currency according to the global coin ranking list. That means that this currency managed to climb nearly 20 places up on the global list of currencies in the matter of only a week.

That being said Aelf makes up for the fastest growing currency in the last week. One of the reasons for such prompt pace of growth might be the fact that there are many rumors about having the team behind ELF releasing its own Main Net, which is extremely exciting news.

To make sure that these rumors are more than rumors, we can use the latest addressing to the public from the side of ELF’s COO, Zhuling Chen. During his statement to the public, Chen spoke on television about Aelf (ELF), adding during the conversation that the team is working on some crucial improvements that are related to the launching of Aelf’s own Main Net.

Zhuling talked about all the improvements they are planning on implementing into the system, mentioning cross-node communication, mining and tuning of the system so it would be able to support a completely functional main net.

The public is expecting to see the release of Aelf Main Net pretty soon and latest by the end of 2018, as they have had a chance to witness the launching of the test net that occurred on March 31st. That is when the rumors about the Main Net also started to bloom.

One is for certain – the “rumors” are doing wonders for Aelf on the market.

Aelf and the Candy System

Aelf (ELF) also had a pretty good chance to pick up more users and investors as the team behind ELF launched a candy reward system which was created in a way that the participants involved in the program would be able to earn rewards in form of ELF currency. During this time, the participants could earn through their activity on Twitter and different similar tasks that were to promote ELF.

The candy program is now over and Aelf will be awarding 100 winners for their activities regarding Aelf.

It is generally a thought that some of Aelf’s newly acquired popularity is due to their clever Candy Campaign that was set at the right time.

Aelf and the Market

Aelf (ELF) has marked its victory while bouncing off from the horrific market dip that lasted for more than 8 weeks, by becoming the fastest growing currency in the last week. During the last week, Aelf managed to acquire a total increase of 47% against the dollar, which at the same time sky-rocketed this currency from zero to hero, launching it to the 47th spot on the global coin ranking list, where it came after holding the 62nd place for quite some time.

At the current moment, Aelf has marked an increase of 46.52% against the dollar, while trading in the green.

At the same time, this currency managed to rise back to the price of 1$ and up, which means that Aelf is currently being traded at the price of 1.17$. The current price is pretty close to Aelf’s record price of 2.60$, which was recorded in January 2018. It is expected that Aelf (ELF) will soon be able to reach its all-time high and go even beyond that value.


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