Why Stellar (XLM) is Overtaking Ripple (XRP) at Lightning Speed

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Stellar XLM – The cryptocurrency market is booming with innovations and developments all around. The ordinary investor has, however, been overshadowed by the volatility of the market especially after the recent selloff that has resulted in most cryptocurrencies losing more than half of their value recorded in December 2017. The rollercoaster price ride blinds investors and they fail to observe the crypto market in its entirety and especially when it comes to developments and real-world solutions. The investor, in this case, remains hopeful and glimmering with anticipation that the prices will correct higher. However, the real deal in the cryptocurrency is happening with coins such as Ripple, Stellar, Zcash, and Verge. These coins have continued to create outstanding features spanning from privacy, cost, scalability, speed, and real-time solutions in the financial world among others.

Stellar (XLM), like many of the solution-focused coins, has its candlelight shadowed by the top coins in cryptocurrency market. Ripple XRP, on the other hand, has managed to shine its light in the traditional financial systems to a certain extent, although there is still much that it hopes to achieve and bring under its docket. Ripple has expanded its partnerships to various central banks and banking institutions in various parts of the world. Its xCurrent and xRappid innovations are highly sorted after for cross-border and interbank funds transfer where they reduce the cost and speed up the transactions courtesy of its blockchain platform (Rippkenet). The money transfer guru, Western Union recently entered into a partnership with Ripple and is currently testing Ripple solutions for faster and cheaper money transfer.

Subsequently, Stellar has had a lot of catch-ups to do when it comes to outdoing Ripple. However, it has been sailing through the challenges to become the most deployment-ready platform among the major platforms. Stellar is not relenting, it is pushing hard to overcome the challenges that are coming into the cryptocurrency world. Recently, Stellar announced a partnership with Keybase; a company that has made a name in free mobile and security centred computer applications. Stellar and Keybase are now working together to develop secure cross-border money transfer systems that are less costly but remain to be secure. Their goal is to bring financial inclusion around the world eliminating the biggest epidemic which is poverty by ensuring that every individual’s potential is achieved.

How Stellar (XLM) is going to Overtake Ripple (XRP)

It is essential to note that both Ripple and Stellar are creations of the same person, Jed MacCaleb. After developing Ripple, Jed left to start the Stellar project. Although both coins have been designed to achieve the functionalities and integration of commercial establishments, Stellar is seen as a non-profit entity while Ripple, on the other hand, is a company that operates to make a profit.

Stellar is working hard even though its competitor, Ripple is the third cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Stellar is constantly challenging itself and improving its services in order to move up from its seventh place. Significantly, Stellar is currently positioning itself as the go-to platform for cross-border transfer systems. Remember I mentioned above that Stellar is, in fact, a non-profit and decentralized organization. On the contrary, Ripple is a profit-focused organization that has been accused of being centralized. Therefore, it’s a question of who the investors will choose in the long run. However, according to my honest opinion, Stellar will win the hearts of the people, the investors and the crypto enthusiasts.

Current Market Status for Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP)

Both the coins have lost more than 60% of their value at all-time highs when the charts from late 2017 are observed. This is a temporary situation is affecting most of the coins in the crypto market. Hence, we can observe an oncoming bull run for both of the coins and the entire cryptocurrencies.

As I conclude, it is highly probable that Stellar will outperform Ripple, especially as a cross-border payment platform. It is wise to hold our horses for now and see how Stellar (XLM) will play its cards towards adoption by banking institutions as well as business establishments. However, it is a wait and see situation for both of these organizations since no one can predict what Ripple XRP might pull in the coming months.


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