3 Reasons Why VeChain (VEN) will Rebound Stronger than Ever

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VeChain VEN – The consequences of the market dip is still visible, as many currencies including VEN has been stripped off their all-time high prices while almost all currencies suffered from great losses in a long market crash that lasted for more than 8 weeks straight with occasional waves of decreases still ravaging the market by surprise. What is left now is to observe the cryptos as these assets are trying to bounce off and make a rebound, scanning to guess which currencies will be among the top rebounders. We believe that VeChain is one of the currencies that might potentially rebound stronger than ever, and here are the reasons why.

VeChain and the Main Net

As many of you know, VeChain (VEN) is getting ready to release its own main net, which means that this currency is set to become even stronger in only 79 days! That’s right; you can follow up with the countdown on the official page of VeChain’s projects where the page is counting down in real time until the date when the Main Net will be launched for operations.

The launching is scheduled for June 30th, 2018, when it is expected to see VEN’s price rising as well. Maybe because of the awareness and ecstatic expectation of the main net launching, VEN holders were keeping up with investing in this currency that way helping VeChain stay on the top of its game even during the bad times when the market was stroke by a massive crash.

As VeChain will then be operating on its own platform as the main token on the network, the value of this currency is set to rise accordingly as it seems that by a silently established practice that the coins and tokens operating on its own platforms are more valuable and more appreciated among investors. The importance of the Main Net launching that should occur on June 30th can already be visible among the crypto community.

VeChain and Bithumb

Bithumb is one of the largest exchange platforms in Korea, so it is completely natural to believe that getting listed on such exchange might potentially help VEN rebound stronger than ever. Having a coin listed on another exchange is always a good thing as this case raises the value of the listed coin at the same time making that currency more interesting, more valuable and more accessible to potential investors.

VeChain Foundation has announced the good news on April 2nd, stating that VeChain (VEN) will be listed on Bithumb in only a couple of hours after which this currency will be available for live trading on this exchange.

This news could also help VeChain sky-rocket its currency as we are waiting for the launching of VEN Main Net.

VeChain and Shanghai eGrid Consulting Co. LTD

VeChain has just acquired a brand new partnership, which is just another one of good news that will potentially help VEN in rebounding stronger and hopefully more stable in oppose to the market.

The partnership was made between VeChain Foundation and Shanghai eGrid Consulting Co. LTD. The reason behind this partnership lies in the fact that VeChain provided a great automobile solution, so this company was happy to accept the partnership with VEN Foundation, sharing mutual benefits.

This company is in the business with providing data services to companies, both domestic and international, and they already have a history in the automotive industry, where they have been working with pretty important clientele, which including SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co.

This partnership could definitely help VeChain find its use on the “real life” everyday use as well as potentially sky-rocket VEN’s price on the market, which is often the case whenever a new partnership is acquired.

VeChain (VEN) and the Market

After the latest change in the market, it seems that VEN is doing more than well as this currency is trading in the green once again, so it seems that the more recent partnership with other events is working its magic on VeChain (VEN).

After the rise of 3.77% against the dollar, VEN is trading in the green while it is also trading up against BTC for 1.20%.

However, VEN seems to be trading down against ETH, which means that Ethereum seems to have a faster pace of growth at this point as VEN has dropped by -1.56% against ETH in the last 24 hours.

At the current moment, VEN can be bought at the price of 2.75$, which is still far from its all-time high price of 9.45$ that was marked back on January 22nd.

However, in case VeChain VEN keeps up the good work, it all might pay off pretty soon.



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