How TRON (TRX) is Progressing Slowly but Steadily

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Although Google is trending TRON (TRX), a movie from the eighties in case you don’t add the “TRX” to the equation when performing a search, TRON currency seems to be progressing pretty well, especially when compared to much older, more established currencies circulating the market. That being said, while some currencies are losing on popularity as new cryptos are having their ICOs, TRON is working trending up. However, trending up and getting noticed by Google as a popular search topic isn’t only about luck – it’s more about dedication and hard work. In that spirit, we are interested in analyzing how well TRON has been doing in the first quarter of 2018.

TRON (TRX) and Pet Planet

The first days of the first quarter (Q1 in TRON’s roadmap) were pretty benevolent and turbulent in a positive way, causing TRX to jump higher than ever. In the course of only three days, beginning from January 1st of 2018, TRON welcomed the New Year with a new project and a new partnership that turned out to be a perfect strategy for the beginning of 2018.

On January 1st, TRX announced that the game, which was at the time known as TRON Dogs, will be soon ready for all TRX players. Later on, the game was deployed under the official name – Pet Planet. The game gained a lot on its popularity since the time it was first released, but TRON didn’t only triumph at the beginning of Q1 regarding the TRON Dogs. Another noted move that TRON made only 2 days after the announcement of Pet Planet launching was their partnership with, which matched the main objective of their platform, which is to enable easier development and distribution of decentralized applications and the entertainment industry.

The four days, starting from January 1st when the game was initially announced, and ending with January 4th, were maybe the most fruitful days for TRON in 2018 as this currency managed to rise up to over 500%, specifically reaching the increase of 522% against the dollar, which was needless to say a major success for TRX.

Pet Planet was a major success as well, mainly because 2018 is in the sign of Dog in China with the New Year being welcomed in February when the TRX users were notably more active around this game. However, this was only the beginning for TRON (TRX).

TRON and

On January 3rd, TRON has announced that their team along with their currency, TRX, are partnering up with Game. Com. is one of the biggest online gaming platforms, so it was already evident in  the first day of the first quarter of 2018, that TRON with Justin Sun on the head of the team is entering 2018 with the idea to justify the prediction of having 2018 to be THE year for cryptocurrencies and digital values.

TRON and the 522% Increase

During the four days, at the beginning of January, TRON has showcased an amazing pace of growth when this currency managed to rise up by over 500%, leading to an all-time high.

The record price for TRON was set in January, with an amazing rise in only a couple of days, resulting in having this currency dealing around 0.20$ per one unit. This was the time when everyone expected to see TRON soaring further; however, there came the horrifying market crash that took away the initial increase that TRX has made at the beginning of January. March was thus marked as a pretty tough month, as although the majority of currencies were trying to bounce off, there was a massive pressure as a leftover from the market dip that went on with decreasing the value of cryptos.

However, although the market dip was more than rough, TRX again showed an extraordinary level of stability and liquidity, so this currency was able to cut on more major losses.

TRON in April

As the first quarter has ended, TRON (TRX) is expecting to see even more improvements as Justin Sun announced that TRX is planning on expanding to Southeast Asia after conquering Korea. In the time of this writing, it is obvious that the market is still suffering from the most recent market dip while traces of the crash are still visible in the prices.

However, TRX seems to be stepping up its game even on the market, because despite the cryptocurrencies still massively dropping, TRON is trading in the green with the latest increase of 2.94% against the dollar. TRX is also rising up against ETH and BTC by 5.65% and 4.40% while trading in the green.

That means that TRX has once again managed to perform a high-level showcase of stability.

With the magnificent start of the Q1, we are expecting to see Q2 casting a shadow over the first quarter, potentially sky-rocketing Tron (TRX) to the long-expected price of 1$.


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