Lisk (LSK) – What puts it apart from the crowd?

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It’s hard to mention smart contract blockchains without a mention of Lisk (LSK). It is one of the most visible in this space. In fact, some experts believe that it could emerge as the dominant Dapps force, eclipsing the likes of Ethereum. So what makes it stand out?

The biggest long-term value driver for this crypto is that it makes use of JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the most popular programing languages in the world, and is quite easy to learn. In essence, any developer with knowledge of JavaScript can write a smart contract on Lisk (LSK).

As more people adopt smart contracts, you can expect the value of this crypto to keep growing. That’s because developers who have no interest in learning a new language, would find it easier to use Lisk than any other platform out there. Naturally, an increase in the number of Dapps launched on Lisk would see its value grow over time.

Another factor that makes Lisk stand out is its sidechains. Not that it is the only smart contracts platform that makes use of sidechains, but it is definitely one of the better-known ones. The thing with sidechains is that they are autonomous from the main chain. As such, developers can test out their Dapps before launching them. This eliminates the security risk that comes with having bugs in the main chain. In essence, Lisk is one of the most secure smart contracts platforms in the market right now.

Considering that it is a well-known platform that has been around for some time now, you can expect its highly secure nature to drive developers towards it, in the long-run. That’s considering the fact that security and scalability are the main issues that Ethereum (Lisk’s main competitor), has been dealing with for some time now.

Lisk (LSK) also stands out because it has taken an organic approach to drawing-in Dapps developers to the platform. It has done this through the Lisk academy that was launched over a month ago.  Through the Lisk academy, Lisk will be training developers on how to create Dapps on the platform using the Lisk development Kit (LDK). This is a clever long-term strategy that will see developers coming from this academy locked on to Lisk. The result? A long-term increase in the number of Dapps that launch on the platform, and an increase in its long-term value. Lisk even intends to hook developers on the platform, by offering them blockchain certifications.

A combination of all these factors make Lisk a unique smart contracts blockchain platform. There are very few other platforms that have taken ease of access as a strategy, more seriously than Lisk, and rightly so. Blockchain technology is still in its early days, and many are yet people are yet to fully understand its technicalities. Therefore, you can argue that Lisk (LSK) has a strong strategic edge, by teaching people about it.  Chances of it emerging as the de facto smart contracts king in the future are quite high.


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