Golem (GNT) April Mainnet Launch Will be Game Changer

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The much anticipated Golem (GNT) Mainnet launch might come sooner than expected. The project seeks to create the first global market place for your idle computing power. This is set to be the first of a kind global supercomputer. This is a combination of various computers across the globe in to a single network, the Golem (GNT) network.

With the help of the Golem ecosystem, you are able to loan out your computer space that you are not using and earn GNT tokens in return. There are many computer users out there that can do with the extra resource. The launch of the Golem Mainnet means improved services, fast speeds, security and transparency.

What does the Golem (GNT) Mainnet launch mean to you?

Simply put, you can purchase or rent space for your computing needs from the system. This will see improved computer speeds and easy troubleshooting. In a bid to become the first Airbnb computing resource point, Golem will bring together global computer idle power to a central supper computer.

The entire process is automated to enable computers in the network perform transactions seamlessly. This will be the ideal platform for researchers, AI and machine learning enthusiasts. However, GNT tokens are created through the Ethereum networks and are used to pay for your rented space and as rewards for those who rent out computer space.

Golem (GNT) Mainnet Launch on Twitter

The announcement by Golem on their twitter handle has already brought the entire community back to live. The twitter announcement read in part:

“Golem’s last sprint to Mainnet launch: this just came in from our Office… our brave devs and testers are working and running the last batches of tests. We’re all on call till the monster’s out and into the Ethereum Mainnet! Thank you to our amazing team!”

Users have been assured that the launch might come before the end of April if the tests turn out positive. It appears the tests are positive and the long awaited launch will come sooner than anticipated. To create hype around the launch Golem is also planning to release a new promotion which is yet to be announced.

On the issue of scammers, the team has made it clear that these have been blocked and the communities asked to report the same should happen in the future. Once the date is confirmed, a lot of activity will recorded and the undisclosed promotion will drive adoption and the token trade in the market is likely to rise.

Golem (GNT) Market Outlook

The Golem (GNT) Mainnet announcement seems to have added some sparkle on the charts and the coin appreciation for the last 24 hours could mean much more that the marginal gains. The surge by 6.92% against the dollar hours after the announcement sends the coin to trade at $0.210482.

The launch of the Golem Mainnet might signify new heights for the coin which will send it back to the January all time high of $1.60. The platform has its drawbacks and the launch will mar a step towards reaching their optimal operational goal as more features will be added to the platform.

Is Golem (GNT) a Sound Investment?

With the current development, many investors are watching the coin in the market and staking on it at the moment is viable investment. With the increased demand for computing power and the need to store data securely makes the coin a natural choice for both individual and institutional investors.

The market might appear bearish but the Mainnet announcement should ignite the Bull Run. The Golem GNT coin has the impetus and drive to break the $0.3 resistance and surpass the $1 mark by end of July if the developer team does not run into unanticipated hiccups. This makes the coin an investment choice for now.


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