Boost for MIOTA as Warner joins IOTA Foundation from Fujitsu

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It all good news for the IOTA (MIOTA) as Dr. Rolf Werner, the head of Central Europe business at Fujitsu joins the IOTA foundation. Prior to his move, he has been in charge of Fujitsu’s business in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Dr. Werner still chairs the Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmBH Board. He has been over the years entrusted with taking care of the most sensitive Fujitsu market. He brings onboard a wealth of experience in the technology filed to IOTA. This is a huge boost for the entire IOTA community.

Prior to his current position, Rolf has been instrumental at the T-System; he is the brains behind its expansion locally and cross borders. With his wealth of experience he is set to add value to the IOTA (MIOTA) ecosystem in areas of technology, sales and consumer retention.

The Much Needed impetus in IOTA Network

With the announcement of Rolf joining the foundation, the IOTA project is set to gain value and stamp its leadership role in the DLT marketplace. His role is expected to move the platform to the next level and exploit the full potential of the Tangle technology.

On being welcomed onboard, the announcement clearly shows the foundations expectations from the expert:

”The possibilities of decentralized and secured applications based on IOTA Tangle as a Distributed Ledger Technology are immense. They go far beyond machine-to-machine payment and include, for example, tamper-proof monitoring of the supply chain and secure identity management, just to name a few. I’m delighted to join the IOTA Foundation Supervisory Council (Stiftungsrat) to accompany a journey which will be meaningful for lots of industry sectors worldwide”.

Could Rolf Werner be the Drive IOTA (MIOTA) Needs?

Rolf past is success packed and he could be the right pick to send IOTA (MIOTA) to the next level. His past career speaks a lot of what he can do after pioneering T-Systems in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East. He has served in middle and enterprise consumers more importantly in the fields of offering digital solutions.

Rolf holds a business administration doctorate degree from the University of East London, UK and a diploma on the same field from the Mainz Johannes Gutengurg University, Germany. His role is clear cut at the IOTA foundation; to grow the MIOTA brand and give it a global appeal and acceptance.

There are many untapped possibilities and opportunities hidden behind the IOTA Tangle and this is the next gal for the foundation. The idea is to grow the brand and change how machine to machine transactions.

Ralf Werner role at the IOTA foundation will focus on increased global presence of the brand. He joins the IOTA Foundation Supervisory Council (Stiftungsrat) and help increase industry partnerships across the globe.

Shift in IOTA (MIOTA) Focus

With the market still bearish, this might not be an immediate rescue plan for IOTA (MIOTA) recovery process but a long term plan to add value to the coin. MIOTA is still trading in the red and the welcome massage to Rolf might be some marginal gains as the hype calms down sending the coin to its resistance position.  At the time of going to press, no major shifts in trading price of MIOTA $0.988200 after a 24 hour loss of 3.98% against the dollar.

A shift in price and market cap might be noticed and IOTA (MIOTA) is expected to reach $1 before it gets back to the bearish position. In the meantime, it is the best time for the coin holder to HODL and keep fingers crossed. However, this is a true value coin to invest in while the price is low and new expansion plans are rolled out to tap into the Tangle full potential.


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